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Environment-friendly anti-corrosion coating from ZRC.

ZRC Worldwide, a manufacturer of zinc rich anti-corrosion coating products, has introduced ZERO-VOC ZRC. This new product retains the proven corrosion protection properties of the company's flagship ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound, but contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Product highlights of ZERO-VOC ZRC include:

* Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC

* Solvent-free formulation

* Combines best features of organic and inorganic zincs

* Requires minimal surface preparation

* Convenient one-coat system

* Easily cleans up with water

* Heat resistant up to 1200[degrees] F

* Meets VOC standards in all 50 states

"After 10,000 hours of accelerated laboratory anti-corrosion testing and two years of field testing at locations around the globe, we are very pleased to introduce a ZRC formulation that contains no VOCs," stated Matthew R. Steele, president of ZRC Worldwide." Just as important for field application, ZERO-VOC ZRC requires minimal surface preparation. It is a simpler, safer and easier product to use."

VOCs are generally produced from the binder and reducing solvents in a zinc rich compound and are highly regulated by both the U.S. government and individual state environmental protection statutes. While standard ZRC is very low in VOC content (meeting the standards in all of the 50 states), the new ZERO-VOC ZRC compound is even more environmentally friendly. Ph: 800.831.3275 Circle no. 242

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Title Annotation:New Products: The Latest Product Developments
Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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