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Environment protocols.

Byline: Zaffar Hussain Mugheri-Petaro, Jamshoro

THE United Nations has established certain protocols aimed at reducing the extensive use of toxic substances that lead to global warming. The Kyoto Protocol, Kigali Amendment and many more have been successful in reducing carbon emissions. Being a signatory to the environmental protocols, Pakistan ratified the protocols and implemented them to a large extent. For instance, its Ten Billion Tree Tsunami initiative has been quiet a success.

Pakistan has now adopted the Miyawaki forest concept which ensures the absorption of carbon emissions and protection of the environment. The model is based on the concept that plants grow and spread 10 times quicker than a normal forest. This is a welcome development and we expect more initiatives from the government to save the environment from the negative repercussions of global warming.


By: Name withheld on request-Islamabad

_: Every now and then, we hear of police reforms and establishing a strict mechanism for keeping a check on police powers. But how often do we talk about providing a better working environment to the police personnel? Police officers, from a high-ranking officer down to a constable, work in extreme conditions. If we want a public-friendly and efficient police force, we must improve their working conditions.


By: Dr Fateh M. Khan-Hyderabad

_: As a rule, all doctors who have cleared FCPS Part-1 must be given a chance to be trained for the second part in their respective universities without any time lapse. The universities are bound to make arrangements in this regard. But medical universities have evolved their own policy of selecting a minimum number of candidates of their own choice, depriving others of a chance to complete higher education. This is a very serious issue that merits immediate attention of the authorities concerned.


By: Sikander Aqeel Ansari-Islamabad

_: This refers to the report 'CDA razes structures, removes encroachments' (Aug 22). All such operations are always directed against the weak and the poor. The huge public parking areas of sectors G-11, G-8 and G-9 have long been encroached upon by a strong car dealer mafia which does not allow any parking space in the areas under its occupation. Despite several complaints, no action has been taken against them. Why?


By: Shoaib Haleem-Quetta

_: The Bolan Medical Complex is the largest public hospital in Quetta, but it presents a gloomy picture marked by lack of cleanliness, inattention of the staff and exorbitant

prices of medicines. There have been more than a few instances when people have actually died owing to apathy and negligence that prevail on the premises. The government should take up the matter with the hospital administration forthwith.

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Author:Zaffar Hussain Mugheri-Petaro, Jamshoro
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 28, 2021
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