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EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. Announces New Technology License for Remediation of Trace Metal Contaminants in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Technology Removes Radionuclides and Hazardous Trace Metals, Such as Chromium, Arsenic and Lead, from Groundwater Resources

WATERLOO, Ontario -- EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. (ETI) is pleased to announce it has reached a license agreement with the University of Waterloo to commercialize the University's in situ reactive treatment technology for removal of hazardous inorganic contaminants in groundwater for applications in Europe and the United Kingdom. This technology, which compliments ETI's existing permeable reactive barrier technology for organic contaminants, can effectively remove hazardous trace metals (chromium, arsenic and lead), and radionuclides, from groundwater resources.

"We intend to offer this ground-breaking technology through our existing licensing network in Europe and the United Kingdom," said John Vogan, president of ETI. "There are already several potential applications which we know of at existing industrial facilities and brownfield redevelopment sites, where this technology may be applied in the next twelve to eighteen months."

"The University, with support from the technology's inventors Dr. David Blowes and Dr. Carol Ptacek, has been quite successful in establishing its use in the Canadian and United States markets," added Scott Inwood, of University of Waterloo's Intellectual Property Management Office. "We want to take advantage of our long- standing relationship with ETI to more effectively deliver this technology to the end-user community overseas."

This patent-protected technology involves the placement of specifically tailored reactive materials in situ to remediate hazardous groundwater contaminants. Because it represents a long-term passive treatment solution, the technology is more cost-effective than other alternatives. Trace metal removal systems have been implemented by the University at over 20 sites in the USA and Canada.

About EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. and the Adventus Group

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. is the world leader in applications of in situ iron treatment for the remediation of contaminated groundwater, with experience in more than 150 applications of permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) and other treatment zone configurations. ETI is part of the Adventus Group of Companies. Adventus exclusively offers DARAMEND[R], TERRAMEND[R], EHC[R] and related ZVI technologies for In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR). Our world-class technical team, supported by an ever expanding suite of technologies and solutions, is a recognized industry leader in the fields of remediation biotechnology and accelerated natural attenuation. Since inception in 2002, Adventus as successfully deployed field installations at over 200 sites in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. For more information visit us online at,

About the University of Waterloo Intellectual Property Management Office

The UW Intellectual Property Management Office has expertise in the areas of patents, copyright, and trademarks as well as the licensing of intellectual property and commercial enterprise development. Its patent portfolio includes 75 patents in the field of groundwater remediation, as well as numerous others in the physical sciences and electrical and computer engineering.
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Date:Dec 8, 2006
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