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EnviroLogix Introduces the First Rapid Test for Soybean Rust.

PORTLAND, Maine -- EnviroLogix Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the first rapid test to detect soybean rust infections in plant tissue.

This immunodiagnostic test for soybean rust, Phakopsora pachyrhizi, is the first commercial kit available in an ELISA plate format. It is a laboratory assay that takes about 2 hours to perform, and will provide a qualitative (presence/absence) answer. The result is clearly visible, without needing a costly spectrophotometric reader. This breakthrough gives diagnostic laboratories a rapid and reliable tool to screen for this devastating disease affecting soybean growers.

In anticipation of the need for rapid tests for soybean rust, EnviroLogix began a development program over a year ago to produce kits in two different formats. The ELISA plate format for laboratory testing is the first to be introduced, and finalization is underway for a QuickStix(TM) 5-minute test strip for in-field testing. EnviroLogix expects to have the QuickStix version ready for this year's planting season.

The ELISA kit can detect one symptomatic leaf spot caused by Phakopsora species at a very early stage, before formation of a pustule and sporulation. During this period it is often difficult to differentiate the leaf spot symptom from other bacterial, viral and fungal infections and/or insect damage. The test can also be used to detect advanced rust symptoms and spores, and does not cross react with several other rust infections caused by the genera Uromyces and Puccinia.

The QualiPlate(TM) Kit for Soybean Rust (Cat. No. AP 107) is available directly from EnviroLogix with a US List price of $295. Each 96-well plate kit features removable strips to allow flexibility for different batch sizes and minimal waste. Detailed information on the EnviroLogix kits is available at

EnviroLogix develops, manufactures and markets tests for transgenic traits and mycotoxins for use in a number of crops, including soybeans, corn, canola and cotton. EnviroLogix also develops, manufactures and markets immunoassay test kits for the food safety and water quality markets and offers custom antibody and assay development services.

EnviroLogix, the EnviroLogix logo, QuickStix and QualiPlate are trademarks of EnviroLogix Inc.
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Date:Mar 21, 2005
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