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Enveloping waters.

Don't bother looking up "Valley Forge" on a Connecticut map; the onetime industrial engine (producer of hoes, hammers and oxcart wheels) survives only as the name of a rural road. In 1940, the Saugatuck River was dammed by the all-powerful Bridgeport Hydraulic Company (BHC), flooding the river valley and carrying away farms and mills. In Village of the Dammed (University Press of New England, $24.95), author James Lomuscio offers a warmly written and personalized account of the flooding and its aftermath. It's a cautionary tale today for citizen activists who want to fight City Hall (or water companies). The nonprofit Saugatuck Valley Association took BHC on, but couldn't stop progress. Valley Forge lives on only in the book's haunting photographs. More than a half century later, a new coalition (this time including actor/residents Paul Newman and Robert Redford) took on BHC again, this time to stop an unspoiled company holding known as Trout Brook Valley from becoming a luxury golf course and gated community. With high-watt star power and good lawyers, the good guys won this time.
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Title Annotation:In Village of the Dammed
Author:Motavalli, Jim
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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