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Envelope printing demystified.

Envelope printing demystified

With many word processors, printing addresses on envelopes and labels can be a tormenting job: It's hard to get the imprint to fall in the center of a label or offset just right on an envelope.

ERMASOFT Laser Envelope is a program that automates the process, grabbing names and addresses offa computer screen and formatting them to fit exactly where they should on any size envelope or label. The program is designed to work only with laser printers.

In addition, the program has a wide assortment of fonts and can translate the ZIP code for each address into the corresponding U.S. Postal Service bar code and print the code in the proper place on the envelope. (The postal service says adding bar codes speeds mall delivery. ) The program costs $59.95.

For more details, write to E.R.M. Associates, P.O. Box 1032, Agoura Hills, California 91301, or call (800) 288-ERMA.
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