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Entry lights glow through glass-block tops.

Entry lights glow through glass-block tops

Like stubby sentinels, a pair of glassblock-topped lights flank the entry walk to this home in Encino, California. At night, the solid glass-block tops give off a muted glow from floodlights housed within their stucco-covered plywood shells.

But they're more than lights; they're bigenough to define the walkway and draw guests to it.

Designed by Los Angeles interior designerJim Nisson, each started as a 14-inch-square, 24-inch-high topless plywood box on a concrete base. An outdoor electric floodlight fixture was centered on the base. The box has two openings: a 3- by 8-inch slot low on the sidewalk side to light the walk, and a hinged 5- by 6-inch door in the back for bulb changing.

An inch-thick layer of stucco covers mostof the plywood shell, but leaves the topmost 1/2 inch exposed. A 14-inch-square sheet of translucent acrylic, glued to the shell with silicone caulk, covers the top opening. The 3-inch-thick, 7 1/2-inch-square glass blocks mount to the acrylic with another layer of silicone caulk.

Owners are Mary and Ralph Williams.

Photo: Four glass blocks capeach entry light. Bulb-changing door being opened above is framed with 1-by-2s. Ground-level openings facing the walk let cool air in-- and subtle light out

Photo: Cross section shows stucco-coveredbox. Electric line comes through base
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Date:May 1, 1987
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