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Entry fence with added privacy.

A short length of fence helps divide this yard into public and private areas.

In full view of both entry and living room, the fence serves as a backdrop for a deciduous magnolia growing in a rock garden edging a deck. Pairs of vertical 2-by-2s, alternately 56 and 62 inches long, rise from a 2-by-4 baseboard mounted to two 4-by-4 posts; they are nailed at the top to a pair of horizontal 2-by-2s.

Between the posts, a sheet of 1/8-inch-thick translucent acrylic blocks views to a private sitting area. The acrylic is held in place by pairs of 1-by-2s screwed to the longer front 2-by-2s.

Palo Alto landscape architect Jack Buktenica deisgned the fence for owners Mary Jean Place and Frank Scheufele.
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Date:Jul 1, 1985
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