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Entry deck needs a drawbridge for a wheelbarrow.

Entry deck needs a drawbridge for a wheelbarrow

Removable sections of this entry deck allow walk-through access to the back garden. The 21-inch-high deck runs from the front door to a side fence, providing a sunny space for entertaining at the same level as the indoors.

Along the fence, the deck has three 40- by 40-inch sections, each light enough for one person to lift out. They rest on beams that run parallel to the fence and support the rest of the 2-by-6 decking.

Design was by architect Tom Ward of Village Design Group in Petaluma, California.

Photo: Wide steps end just before removable sections of entry-level deck begin

Photo: Lift-out sections, 2-by-6s nailed to 2-by-4 crosspieces, rest on 4-by-6 beams under deck, store on a narrow ledge along the fence

Photo: Through opening, there's plenty of room to move a wheelbarrow of wood or supplies
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Date:Oct 1, 1984
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