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Entries invited for 2006 FSCT Roon Awards Competition.

The FSCT Roon Awards Committee, headed by Charles R. Hegedus, of Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., has announced a Call for Papers for the 2006 competition. Prospective authors have the opportunity to earn up to $4,000 in cash prizes for outstanding papers.

The annual awards are sponsored by the Coatings Industry Education Foundation (CIEF) and were established to honor the late Leo Roon, founder of Nuodex Products Co., with support funds coming from the Roon Foundation.

To submit a paper for the 2006 competition, the following rules must be observed:

1. The paper must describe original work not previously published or presented

2. The information must be directly related to the protective coatings industry

3. It must be of such a caliber that it reflects a step forward in real scientific contribution to the coatings industry; and

4. It must be accompanied by a clearance for publication. The paper must also be prepared by someone associated with the organic coatings industry, including raw material suppliers or educators.

Those interested must send a letter of intent, along with the title of the proposed paper and a brief abstract by February 27, 2006 to: Roon Awards Competition, c/o Rod Moon, FSCT, or e-mail intent to

Following acceptance of abstracts for the competition, authors will be required to submit 10 copies of the paper by May 26, 2006.

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The Roon Foundation Awards, established in 1957 by the late Leo Roon, are for the best technical papers (other than those by an FSCT Constituent Society) submitted for presentation at an FSCT Annual Meeting.

Papers to be considered will be those by individuals associated with the organic coatings industry, including raw material suppliers and educational institutions. The principles governing the awards are as follows:

(1) The papers will be of such caliber that they will reflect a step forward in real scientific contribution to the coatings industries. The papers shall describe original work which has not been previously published or presented.

(2) Papers must be directly related to the protective coatings industry.

(3) None of the work shall originate from, be guided by, or be any part of, a Coatings Technology Society. These awards shall in no way detract from the cooperative efforts of Societies' Technical Committees and their convention papers.

(4) An Awards Committee, appointed by the FSCT President, will judge entries.

(5) The Committee is not obligated to award prizes if, in its opinion, none of the submitted papers are of a caliber to be worthy of such recognition.

(6) The submitted papers may be presented at the Annual Meeting with the consent of the FSCT President and the Chair of the Program Committee. Although it is the intent of the Roon Awards that winning papers will be presented at the Annual Meeting, papers accepted for presentation and papers awarded prizes are separate and distinct. An invitation from the Program Committee to present his/her paper should not be construed by any author as an indication that the Roon Committee has awarded the paper a prize.

(7) Winning papers will be considered for publication by FSCT, which has prior rights to publication of all submitted papers.

(8) Papers shall be concise and informative discussions of up to approximately 6,000 words. Papers greatly exceeding this length should be divided into more than one paper. Multiple entries in the competition from a single author are acceptable. It is requested that manuscripts be prepared in accordance with ICT RESEARCH style, as outlined in the Guide for Authors.

(9) A 150 to 200 word abstract shall accompany the paper.

(10) Papers will be rated with emphasis on: (a) Originality -- 40%; (b) Scientific Importance -- 20%; (c) Practical Value -- 20%; and (d) Quality of Composition -- 20%.

(11) The Awards will be open to anyone involved in study or engaged in work related to the protective coatings industries, including paint, varnish, and lacquer manufacturers, raw material suppliers, research laboratories, and universities. (The Committee, however, will not accept papers which involve raw material sales promotion or are self-serving in regard to exploiting a proprietary product.)

(12) The Committee may award any number of prizes, the total of which is not to exceed $4,000.

(13) All papers must be accompanied by company or educational institutional clearance for publication.

(14) Those planning to submit a paper must advise the Chair through Rod Moon, FSCT, 492 Norristown Rd, Blue Bell, PA 19422, or email intent to by February 27, 2006.

(15) The 2006 Awards will be presented during the FSCT Annual Meeting, on November 1-3, 2006.
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