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Articles from Entomologica Americana (April 1, 2009)

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A phylogenetic test of classical species groups in Argia (odonata: coenagrionidae). Caesar, Ryan M.; Wenzel, John W. Report 6012
Beetles (coleoptera: geotrupidae, scarabaeidae, and silphidae) in burned and unburned pine barrens in Long Island, New York. Report 2421
Descriptions of the nymphs of Eastern North American species of cultus (plecoptera: perlodidae). Myers, Luke W.; Kondratieff, Boris C. Report 3126
Key to the oriental species of Lyroda say, with description of a new species from China (hymenoptera: crabronidae). Li, Tingjing; Cai, Wanzhi; Li, Qiang Report 2294
Morphological caste differences in polybia aequatorialis (hymenoptera: vespidae: polistinae: epiponini), a social wasp of the highlands of Costa Rica. Pizarro, Laura Chavarria; Alvarado, Mauricio Roverssi; Noll, Fernando Barbosa Report 3320
Remembering James Alexander Slater 1920-2008. In memoriam 5949
Revision of the genus car valhomiris (hemiptera: miridae: orthotylinae). Forero, Dimitri Report 11934
The genus mimumesa from China with descriptions of two new species (hymenoptera: apoidea: crabronidae). Ma, Li; Li, Qiang Report 3278
The holarctic species of the Delia alaba subsection, with descriptions of two new species (diptera: anthomyiidae). Xue, Wan-qi; Du, Jing Report 2764

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