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Enticing Odds Push Mayweather-McGregor Toward Top Spot as Biggest Sports Betting Event in History.

Las Vegas, NV, August 23, 2017 --( The Mayweather-McGregor fight this Saturday night in Las Vegas may top out as the biggest sports betting event of all time, surpassing the record $135 million wagered on last year's Super Bowl. Mayweather, the undefeated middleweight regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer ever, is the overwhelming favorite. But McGregor represents an element of unpredictability - in both technique and intensity - making this a night where anything can happen, and an enticing prospect for sports bettors. Here's a rundown of the odds, presented by Online Sportsbook:

The Money Line

The most common form of betting on boxing is the moneyline wager, where you simply pick the winner. As you can see from the odds below, if you like the favorite, Mayweather, you're going to drop a cool $510 to win $100. If you like McGregor in the upset, a $100 wager would net you a nice $380 return. The moneyline is a simple, straightforward wager. Odds:

Floyd Mayweather -510

Conor McGregor +380

Over/Under Round Betting

The Over/Under is a bet on how long the fight will last. If you like the fight to last over 9.5 rounds, a $100 wager would bring $130. If you like the bout to end before 9.5 rounds, you'll have to bet $150 to win $100. With Mayweather's defensive fighting style, some experts can see this match going the distance. Tight odds on the over/under means this bet could go either way - meaning that no one is certain if the fight ends early, or if it goes well into the late rounds. Odds:

Over 9.5 rounds +130

Under 9.5 rounds -150

Props Wagers

You can also place "props" wagers on the specific round in which you like a fighter to win. Let's say you like Mayweather to finish McGregor in the first round. A $100 bet would bring you a whopping $2300. If you like the undefeated champ in the 12th and final round, $100 would win $1800. Conversely, if you like McGregor for the huge upset in the first round, that $100 wager would bring you a hefty +$2800. If you pick the UFC champ in the 10th, $100 would bring you a jaw-dropping +$5500. Odds:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Round 1 +2300

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Round 4 +1300

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Round 12 +1800

Conor McGregor Round 1 +2800

Conor McGregor Round 6 +3300

Conor McGregor Round 10 +5500

Exact Method of Victory

One of the more popular bets in boxing is the Exact Method of Victory. You're going to need Lady Luck in your corner to nail this one. As you can see, if you like Mayweather to win by unanimous decision, a $100 bet would net you $140. Conversely, if you pick McGregor in a split decision, that $100 would bring you a $5500 jackpot. Odds:

Mayweather by Unanimous Decision +140

Mayweather by TKO +160

Mayweather by KO +200

McGregor by Unanimous Decision +6500

McGregor by TKO +800

McGregor by Split Decision +5500


Special wagers are very popular for marquee fights. For example, you could wager on whether the total number of pay-per-view buys will surpass 4.99 million. The over will cost $200 to win $100. If you like the total to end up under 4.99 million, a $100 wager would net you $140. Odds:

PPV over 4.99 Million -200

PPV under 4.99 Million +140

In addition to the pay-per-view bet, you can also wager on whether Mayweather and McGregor will have a second fight in 2018. If you like the pair to meet again next year, a $100 wager would bring you a potential $350 if you're right. A No selection would cost you $600 to win $100. Odds:

Rematch in 2018 - Yes +350

Rematch in 2018 - No -600

With so many intriguing wagers and odds, this fight is already living up to the hype.

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Date:Aug 23, 2017
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