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Stockton Globe announces huge programme of talks, dances and acts for 2022; The popular theatre is set to see famous actors, musicians and speakers take its stage next year. By, Sarah Brazendale Nov 25, 2021 554
FAMOUS: Meet Cornerstone's Generation C. Nov 12, 2021 573
GMA signs up fresh talents for stardom. Oct 11, 2021 913
Musicians, actors, comedians to thrill prisoners at Kuje Correctional Centre. Aug 12, 2021 332
Over 40 artists to sign with ABS-CBN in Star Magic Black Pen Day on June 19. Jun 17, 2021 512
Shaping a Cultural Shift: Creating New Futures reimagines the relationship between artists and presenters--and among artists themselves. Henderson, Garnet May 1, 2021 1755
THRILLMAKER: Introducing the Corona diva. Jan 24, 2021 748
Vietnamese-American musician, comic actor dies. Dec 10, 2020 428
Long read: Tim Minchin talks about his new album, Apart Together; It's taken 20 years for Tim Minchin to make the studio album he always wanted to. It's surprising Apart Together has been such a long time coming since he was always a singer songwriter, but when you look at how prolific the UK-born Australia-raised musician, composer, lyricist, actor, author, satirist and comedian has been in between, you can see how it happened. Janet Christie Nov 21, 2020 2675
Lessons in life; Comedian, actor and musician BILL BAILEY, 55, talks stand-up, crying and the supportive influences who shaped him. BILL BAILEY Jul 19, 2020 528
Beyond the Pale: English Performers from Calais in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. Pangallo, Matteo Jan 1, 2020 10304
After Lives: Considering Disembodied Costume via Medieval Copes and Nick Cave's Soundsuits. Lee, Janet; Merrey, Jo Jul 1, 2019 10901
JoJo takes a bow: JoJo Siwa's sleek platinum hairstyle is one of the most iconic ponys in pop culture. But while everyone's busy debating the merits of her major mane, JoJo's running her empire --*and setting-off on a sparkling spring headlining tour. Adamson, Sydney Interview Apr 1, 2019 1658
SONG, PERFORMANCE AND AUTHORSHIP: THE CASE OF FLAMENCO IN SPAIN. Heredia-Carroza, Jesus; Palma, Luis; Aguado, Luis F. Report Mar 1, 2019 4215
Why We Do What We Do. Eyring, Teresa Column Feb 1, 2019 921
11 really famous people you probably didn't realise are from Hounslow; From soap stars to iconic actors, via musicians and footballers, did you know these famous people were from Hounslow? May 12, 2018 926
Medical Privacy and the Professional Singer: Injury Stigma, Disclosure, and Professional Ramifications on Broadway. Bradshaw, Natalie; Cooper, Amy L. May 1, 2018 4534
The Efficacy of Vocal Cool-down Exercises. Ragan, Kari May 1, 2018 3625
RECENT RESEARCH IN SINGING. Simonson, Donald May 1, 2018 1070
Happily Never After. Hamilton, Linda Feb 1, 2018 174
Both sides of the curtain: how to balance a career as a performer and choreographer. Henderson, Garnet Aug 1, 2017 693
Dancing at Pawnee Bill's Congress: the images featured here are identified as having been taken at Pawnee Bill's Indian Congress. Hardin, Barry Brief article Mar 1, 2017 188
Robin field on objectivism and the performing arts. Biddle, Craig Interview Jun 22, 2016 3510
Robin field: The most delightful performer ever to say "A is A". Biddle, Craig Essay Jun 22, 2016 672
Murray Hill: "The hardest working middle-aged man in show business," is a spiffy creation who sings and dances, tells naughty jokes, and works a room like a firecracker. Calhoun, Ada Interview Jun 1, 2016 1155
PERFORMING ARTIST OF THE YEAR; This award will recognise an individual performer or group who has stood out during 2015. We welcomed nominations for actors, dancers, musicians, singers, spoken word artists and comedians. Nominations could be for one stand out performance or for a collection of performances throughout the year. Apr 26, 2016 455
Halima Boland storms out of interview that showed her in a compromising position. Brief article Apr 3, 2016 165
Paul Scheer: the comedian shares his love of Steve Harvey, the bachelor and Twitter photos of Whoopi GOldberg. Bazilian, Emma Interview Mar 14, 2016 617
Naughty Miss Boland! 'Duo Halima' cancelled for 'degrading Kuwaiti women'. Brief article Jan 26, 2016 172
"These are a swinging bunch of people": Sammy Davis, Jr., religious conversion, and the color of Jewish ethnicity. Davis, Rebecca L. Jan 1, 2016 11603
Tim Healy says one of the highlights of Sunday for Sammy is uncovering new Geordie talent; Geordie actor Tim Healy said past discoveries include the saxophonist in The 1975 and comedian Jason Cook. Jun 19, 2015 497
It's a girl! Haleema Boland gives birth to her second daughter. Brief article Jun 2, 2015 134
The international athlete and entertainer: a summary of important U.S. tax considerations. Bruno, Michael; Hadjilogiou, Steven; Moore, Robert H. Apr 1, 2015 5027
Did "Salah The Entertainer" win Arabs Got Talent season 4 fair and square? Khalifeh, Arwad Brief article Mar 9, 2015 366
Young Yasmina still enthusiastic after losing Arabs Got Talent. Brief article Mar 9, 2015 176
Surge in urge to merge: the number of entertainment execs who say their firms expect to examine combinations in the next 12 months is at a three-year high. Wallenstein, Andrew Brief article Nov 25, 2014 187
Pierrots perfected: Louis Rihll and artistic developments in concert party entertainment on the London and provincial stage, 1900-1930. Ince, Bernard Essay Jun 1, 2014 11886
Pauline oliveros. Apr 1, 2014 754
Israeli duo game for new concepts; Shaked, Shamir bring 'Big Picture' philosophy to Mip. Kamin, Debra Brief article Apr 1, 2014 334
Foe, friend, or critic: native performers with buffalo bill's wild west show and discourses of conquest and friendship in newspaper reports. McNenly, Linda Scarangella Essay Mar 22, 2014 12858
Playing with performance: the use and abuse of beta-blockers in the performing arts. Patston, Tim; Loughlan, Terence Report Jan 1, 2014 4302
Grammy's grab bag favors a clutch of unruly upstarts: hitmakers are mostly on sidelines as niche newbies dominate the nominations in major categories. Morris, Christopher Dec 10, 2013 853
Soap veteran Stan, 88, dies after stroke. Nov 27, 2013 104
She's the one: Nicole Pacent's star is on the rise. Johns, Merryn Interview Nov 1, 2013 1083
Recap: 'Arabs Got Talent' Season 3, Episode 6! Brief article Oct 20, 2013 189
Bert Silver and his entertaining family. Moss, Larry Biography May 1, 2013 2327
When the stars came to Mount Clemens: more than a century before film incentives lured Hollywood celebrities to Michigan, many stars of America's 19th-century entertainment industry called Mount Clemens, Michigan their home. Larsen, Deborah J. Mar 1, 2013 2386
The uses of Richard Pryor. Beckett, Colin Feb 1, 2013 1441
You're a what? Santa claus. Royster, Sara Dec 22, 2012 1090
A truckload of stories. Sims, Joseph Brief article Oct 1, 2012 242
Acting for corporations is acting, too: performance is sought-after tool in training programs for business organizations. Wood, Mark Dundas Oct 1, 2012 1226
Fire dancer: Reno's Dawn Harada helps put the burn in Burning Man. Fish, Peter Interview Sep 1, 2012 288
We're all going on a summer holiday: Egyptian stars take a break this Eid. Brief article Aug 21, 2012 214
L.A. Riot: Vaginal Davis on Jabberjaw. Davis, Vaginal Jun 22, 2012 1414
Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations. Mar 22, 2012 1037
Bethany Moore: a quadruple threat soars in Broadway's Spider-Man. Kay, Lauren Mar 1, 2012 581
Making tech week count. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 289
Dolores Hope. Brief article Sep 30, 2011 101
BORN ON THIS DAY. Jun 1, 2011 209
WINNER: Scott Turnbull; This award will recognise an individual performer or group who has stood out during 2010. We welcomed nominations for actors, dancers, musicians, singers and comedians. Nominations could be for one stand-out performance or for a collection of performances throughout the year. Mar 29, 2011 238
Few penalties for bad behavior: it takes a lot for the brightest stars to lose their sheen. Lowry, Brian Column Feb 7, 2011 716
ArtAID Cocktail Party. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 157
It's reigning men and 'Boys' in Las Vegas. Ouzounian, Richard Sep 13, 2010 435
Comedic note; Comedian, actress and musician Isy Suttie talks supermarkets, sitcoms and weird fans to Jon Perks. Sep 9, 2010 832
Drama queen: David Velasco on Ann Liv Young. Velasco, David Critical essay Sep 1, 2010 2250
The triple threat actor and the acquisition of music skills. Bond, Derek Report Sep 1, 2010 4597
Parking (porking) at Grand Center. Pollack, Joe Jul 1, 2010 1407
Just ask; Posers and puzzlers. Jun 6, 2010 456
FINALIST The Unthanks; Performing Artist of the Year This award recognises an individual performer who has stood out during 2009. We welcomed nominations for actors, dancers, musicians, singers and comedians. Mar 24, 2010 180
WINNER Sarah Millican; Performing Artist of the Year This award recognises an individual performer who has stood out during 2009. We welcomed nominations for actors, dancers, musicians, singers and comedians. Mar 24, 2010 271
West end: The squeakquel. Benedict, David Brief article Mar 15, 2010 193
Charles Alexander 'Sandy' Paton (1929-2009). Hickerson, Joseph C. In memoriam Jan 1, 2010 802
Caster Semenya 21st century 'Hottentot Venus'? Ray, Carina Nov 1, 2009 1369
The white elephant in London: an episode of trickery, racism and advertising. Amato, Sarah Essay Sep 22, 2009 15778
My Barbarian: Steve Turner Contemporary. Tumlir, Jan Sep 1, 2009 608
Got milk? Bruno, Tara Brief article May 11, 2009 264
Clamor for the glamour: considering Liberace's legacy on what would have been his 90th birthday. Brief article May 1, 2009 206
Oreste Lionello. Brief article Feb 23, 2009 163
Menard's new CD will 'Sparkle' this Christmas. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 311
The gay Cobain: eighteen years after his death, the music world honors "Upchuck," the man who set Seattle on fire. Reighley, Kurt B. Brief article Dec 2, 2008 324
High level performance: Chris Aspin recalls the career of a man who gave a new word to the language. Aspin, Chris Biography Sep 1, 2008 993
Madline Mater, ,CyI have a red line,CO. Brief article Jul 20, 2008 311
Harmon promoted Bozo brand. Obituary Jul 14, 2008 475
All about real people. Gehring, Wes D. Jul 1, 2008 908
Sebastian's Nocturnal Dream Shows. Eilers, James McColley Essay May 1, 2008 1216
Reasons we love Nathalie Gaulthier + Hope Hall. Chauvin, Kelsy May 1, 2008 709
Market to market. Brief article Apr 22, 2008 93
Support your local gay performer: gay men will turn out in droves to support our favorite female stars. But with gay entertainers, we're not interested. What's up with that? David, Jim Column Apr 8, 2008 660
Death of a showgirl: in the '90s, Jahna Steele was one of Vegas's most celebrated topless performers. Did being outed as transgender contribute to her demise? Broverman, Neal In memoriam Mar 25, 2008 378
Lydia Shum. Frater, Patrick Brief article Feb 25, 2008 129
Fine print. Coffin, Bill Feb 1, 2008 841
This Gospel-based youth ministry has a definite point to it. Jan 25, 2008 372
Grant was H'w'd cheerleader. Brief article Jan 14, 2008 278
Spit, Sisters! Last spring, 10 years after they first started taking punk poetry across the country, the women of Sister Spit launched their Next Generation Tour. If you missed the whole thing, here's the lowdown on the major players in this edgy poetry group. Seinberg, Sara Brief biography Jan 1, 2008 986
Uncovering the Stonewall Lesbian: Storme DeLarverie was there that infamous night. Now she's coming clean about it all. Hinds, Patrick Jan 1, 2008 976
Give us list of your top 10 entertainers. Nov 23, 2007 333
Football: TOP STARS DESERVE REWARDS - SHEARER; Game's top entertainers entitled to cash in says ex-England star. Nov 6, 2007 385
ON THIS DAY. Oct 3, 2007 235
Symphony of diversity: Iraqis demonstrate unity through performing arts academy. Polyak, Michael Oct 1, 2007 536
TREAT THE STREET; Win top entertainers to grace your 800th birthday year party. Jul 6, 2007 420
Mala Powers. Brief article Jun 18, 2007 176
Chinese tradition is all the talk. Coonan, Clifford Apr 16, 2007 407
Kiowarini's songs preserve the language of his nation. White, Marie Apr 1, 2007 837
GET IN ON THE SHOWBIZ ACT; Talent scout launches search for best entertainers in Scotland. Mar 5, 2007 547
Oscar deejay hopes to fill musical chairs. Corcoran, Monica Brief article Feb 19, 2007 159
Moderation is key to sword swallowing. Bell, John R. Brief article Jan 15, 2007 102
Real MBEs go to mental and barking entertainers. Dec 28, 2006 729
Sid Adilman. Leydon, Joe Brief article Oct 23, 2006 267
Entertainers to pay up in advance. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 133
Entertainers wanted for masquerade. Sep 21, 2006 154
S. John Launer. Brief article Sep 18, 2006 191
John Conte. Brief article Sep 18, 2006 188
Lennie Weinrib. Brief article Jul 17, 2006 256
A Texas-sized dose of support. Jul 1, 2006 761
Hollywood's light lunch bunch. Marcus, Lawrence Panel Discussion Feb 20, 2006 150
Medical Problems of Performing Artists: 'Trigger toe' in a ballet dancer. Shybut, G.; Miller, C. Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 191
Closing Breakfast keynote speaker. Dec 1, 2005 755
Closing Breakfast keynote speaker. Biography Oct 1, 2005 460
Medical Problems of Performing Artists: "Competition in Sport, Music, and Dance.". Robson, B.E. Reprint Jul 1, 2005 190
The art of Jehanne-Marie Gavarini. Ellis, Stephanie Jun 22, 2005 2204
Another world in progress: a progressive think-tank in Brazil opens the door to artists. Joseph, Melanie May 1, 2005 1409
An analysis to define the clinical practice of physical therapy for performing artists. Gamboa, Jennifer M.; Hagins, Marshall; Manal, Tara Jo Apr 1, 2005 13749
Backstage Oscar dish. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 124
Roy Davis. Saperstein, Patiricia Obituary Jan 3, 2005 228
Recycling rocks on. Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 99
Deaths. Obituary Nov 1, 2004 204
The good humor men. Bobo, Jack Sep 27, 2004 881
Mr. Hawaii: meet Saichi, keeper of Hawaiian culture. Santiago, Chiori Jul 1, 2004 287
Bush whacked. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 254
Meet the leaders. Brief Article Jun 23, 2004 97
All Bettes are off: Bette Midler has been adored by gay audiences for her entire career. So why is she so wishy-washy about supporting same-sex marriage? Ferber, Lawrence Interview Jun 22, 2004 544
North Carolina college's entertainment program has star power. Yates, Eleanor Lee Jun 7, 2004 814
Making most of host: only a handful has succeeded at the gig. Hammond, Pete Feb 16, 2004 898
State taxation of professional athletes and entertainers. Lazaar, Ari Feb 1, 2004 1000
Uptight climate stresses 'world music'. Sprague, David; Gallo, Phil Jan 19, 2004 461
Road serving raw talent: with union budgets nixed, stix see neophytes in major revivals. Jones, Chris Jan 5, 2004 1184
Mark a forgotten grave. Jan 1, 2004 315
Mentor a young artist. Jan 1, 2004 318
Medical Problems of Performing Artists: "Pas de Deux: Daughters, Mothers, and Dance Talk.". Conraths-Lange, N. Reprint Jan 1, 2004 363
Legendary Bob Hope dies at 100. Obituary Sep 1, 2003 314
Older women, younger men: the sometimes controversial relationships still generate some heated discussion. (The Debate Continues). Gilbert, Marsha Mar 1, 2003 1444
Rockin' in the Free World. Alterman, Eric Nov 11, 2002 991
Expeditionary entertainers: the curtain rises on Tops In Blue. Lasky, John E. Oct 1, 2002 1753
!Arriba! Las Vegas: Charo isn't just a template for drag queens everywhere--her splashy new Vegas show also reveals her classical guitar chops. (arts & entertainment). Hilferty, Robert Brief Article Jul 23, 2002 584
An evening of art. (News Beat). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 326
Performing artists may face debilitating injury. (Repetitive Stress). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 292
Jewelry Goes Dental. Brief Article Sep 17, 2001 112
Getting closer to MADONNA. Brief Article Jul 17, 2001 145
Back From The Brink ... Again. Chappell, Kevin Biography Jun 1, 2001 1327
Get to know the players. Spruell, Sakina P. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 228
OBITUARIES. Obituary May 21, 2001 1791
OBITUARIES. Galloway, Doug Obituary May 14, 2001 1616
BARNEY FRANK: JIMMY DURANTE. Brief Article Apr 2, 2001 180
Britneymania. Apr 1, 2001 155
Tunes for the tribe. Tucker, Karen Iris Brief Article Feb 13, 2001 573
Hot Gossip. Coble, Margaret Brief Article Feb 13, 2001 532
Magicaid: (entertainer Paul George). Stepanova, Anastasia Feb 1, 2001 524
AN ER HOUSTON DANCERS CAN CALL THEIR OWN. Lomax, Sondra Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 382
STEVE ALLEN 1921-2000. Obituary Dec 22, 2000 428
Steve Allen. KURTZ, PAUL Biography Dec 22, 2000 1671
Job Openings. Bragg, Rick Brief Article Dec 11, 2000 213
At The Crossroads. Norment, Lynn Nov 1, 2000 1338
HANGIN' WITH Way Lindsay's. White, Kelly Interview Oct 1, 2000 1169
Berry among Kennedy honorees. Harris, Paul Brief Article Aug 28, 2000 111
May flowers with April suit. Woods, Mark Brief Article May 29, 2000 151
OBITUARIES. Obituary Mar 20, 2000 2830
BILL COSBY: IN WORDS AND PICTURES. Johnson, Robert E. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 173
GOING TO MEET. Abmad, Shazia Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 292
100 TOP STARS. Chagollan, Steve; Gaydos, Steve; Zahed, Ramin Brief Article Dec 6, 1999 2667
TV kingpin. Griffin, Merv Brief Article Dec 6, 1999 131
Bob Hope: `Honorary Veteran': "the Ambassador of Goodwill" conducted 1,000 USO shows between 1942 and 1990. And the VFW honored him with four awards, beginning in 1946. Welli, Stan Dec 1, 1999 1711
Syrian stars receive first Al-Ataa awards. Twair, Samir; Twair, Pat Dec 1, 1999 725
Laughter in store. Wilcox, Sharon-Anne Interview Nov 1, 1999 1282
Rumors from the LESBIAN NATION. Georgia Sand Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 909
Double treat from Williams. BERGMAN, ANNE Brief Article Aug 30, 1999 826
Thesp praised for generosity of spirit. ROBERTS, JERRY Brief Article Aug 30, 1999 1080
Tawdry TV. EPSTEIN, JACK Jul 1, 1999 1345
ON THE MOVE. Brief Article Jun 28, 1999 176
NEW GOV'T, NEW RULES. WOODS, MARK May 3, 1999 1374
Protest targets piracy in H.K. SULLIVAN, MAUREEN Brief Article Mar 22, 1999 188
OBITUARIES. Obituary Feb 8, 1999 1832
OBITUARIES. Dec 21, 1998 1838
Acting appears on horizon. BURLINGAME, JON Dec 14, 1998 291
Celebrity preachers: entertainers, athletes move on up a little higher. Ewey, Melissa Sep 1, 1998 1557
Second generation of fame. Kinnon, Joy Bennett Brief Article Sep 1, 1998 718
At home with Steve Harvey. Norment, Lynn; Mitchell, James Jul 1, 1998 2370
A century of Hope. Hope, Bob; Martin, Pete Jul 1, 1998 1608
His way. Wiener, Jon Editorial Jun 8, 1998 946
Babyface & Tracey Edmonds talk about life, love and launching their new ventures. Randolph, Laura B. Cover Story Jun 1, 1998 1739
Why $tars go broke. Starling, Kelly Cover Story May 1, 1998 1616
A century of hope. Martin, Pete Cover Story May 1, 1998 2154
Hottest New Stars. Illustration Apr 1, 1998 949
A century of Hope. Hope, Bob; Martin, Pete Biography Mar 1, 1998 2334
Students on fame fast track. Herskovitz, Jon Dec 15, 1997 1001
Finding success beyond the Fringe. Pemberton, Steve Dec 15, 1997 712
Taxwise strategies for models, athletes and entertainers. King, Jared Dec 1, 1997 1078
Travis Saunders: entertainer extraordinaire. LeFeuvre, Irene Mar 22, 1997 903
Galled Gauls shake showbiz; foreign filmers feel fried by French. Williams, Michael (British actor) Mar 3, 1997 1228
A lost Elizabethan actors' company: Sir William Holles's players. Capp, Bernard Mar 1, 1997 920
Crap shoot. Hultkrans, Andrew Jan 1, 1997 1260
John Kelly. Frankel, David Jan 1, 1997 949
Bodybuilding in Hollywood: exercise and personal trainers help stars stay in shape. Collier, Aldore Jul 1, 1996 650
An actor's life for me. Chapin, William Column Oct 1, 1995 841
Bob Hope remembers.... Allen, Michael May 1, 1995 209
Finis Henderson: all in the family. Collier, Aldore Biography Apr 1, 1993 1110
Straight up with a twist: extraordinary dance routines and lots of ordinary walking are Paula Abdul's elixir of life. Wilson, Rhonda J. Cover Story Mar 1, 1991 1071
As nasty as he wants to be. Smoler, Fredric Paul Oct 8, 1990 1989
She's not singing the blues! Witter, Dianne C. Jan 1, 1988 1204
TV's new daytime darling. Whitaker, Charles interview Jul 1, 1987 1940
George Burns: an American treasure. McCollister, John Biography May 1, 1987 1190

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