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Entering the minds of women who kill; Piers meets US's most notorious female murderers.

FOLLOWING his stint at CNN, it had seemed like Piers Morgan was back in Blighty for good, especially when he took up a permanent position on the Good Morning Britain sofa.

However, he hasn't completely turned his back on America, as he returns there for his new two-part documentary, Killer Women With Piers Morgan.

He'll be travelling through the southern states of Texas and Florida to meet some of the US's most notorious female murderers, and to speak to them about their crimes.

KILLER WOMEN Over the course of the two editions, Morgan will meet a woman who was accused of luring her millionaire boyfriend to a romantic meeting so she could pump him with bullets, and another who was imprisoned for killing her daughter in a fit of rage. He also speaks to the people whose lives were touched by the events, including families on both sides and law enforcement officials, to understand more about the wider impact of the killings and whether justice has been truly served.

PIERS ITV, Wednesday, 9pm But he begins by heading to Gatesville, Texas, to meet Erin Caffey, who reportedly masterminded the murder of her family at the age of just 16, and will stay behind bars until she is almost 60.

It was the focus on women, in particular, that proved a fascinating draw for him.

"Women don't tend to do pre-planned killings. That's what the detectives told me," he explains. "Most of the crimes are [crimes of ] passion, committed in spontaneity, where something has upset them and they do something silly.

"To get women who have pre-planned killings of a barbaric nature is very unusual. That's what appealed to me: it's a very unusual genre of murder."

One case that left Morgan astounded was that of Erin Caffey, a 24-year-old who was convicted of having her family savagely murdered when she was just 16.

"When you hear her sing like a little angel and look like a little angel at 4ft 11, you can't believe she masterminded the mass murder. But she did.

"She looked so innocent. What would drive a girl like that with no record of bad behaviour, no trouble at school, to do that? "[We spoke] to defence and prosecution lawyers, family members, friends, the victims' families and so on, to try and build a picture around what these people were actually like," Morgan adds.

WITH He confesses he had to "have a couple of coffees and really calm down" after spending time with Caffey's father, who not only survived the attack but has forgiven his daughter. "I really felt for him," he says.

MORGAN "When he got emotional, I thought, 'Could I forgive in the way that he has, if it was my daughter who had done that to my sons, to my wife?' I don't think you know until it happens to you. There's unconditional love, and there's unconditional love. He exudes the real power it."

It's not a show format that he believes could translate to the UK, however.

"The US is so much bigger, so it has many more stories like this, plus you don't get the access to the prisons in the UK."

As for prison sentences, he exclaims: "If any of the people I met had done what they've done here, they'd probably have got 20 years, 25 maximum. As it is, they're all serving 45-50 years or life tariffs in the US, which for those young women, it's their whole life."

and couple KILLER WOMEN WITH PIERS MORGAN ITV, Wednesday, 9pm


Piers Morgan meets Erin Caffey. Right, her family she had savagely murdered when she was just 16
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Date:May 7, 2016
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