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Entangled Identities: Nations and Europe.




Entangled identities; nations and Europe.

Title main entry. Ed. by Atsuko Ichijo and Willfried Spohn.

Ashgate Publishing Co., [c]2005

173 p.


Political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, and historians from eastern and western Europe explore entanglements between national and European identities in the wake of the European Union's expansion and continuing efforts to further integration. Each taking a particular country, they discuss such aspects as a balancing act between British state and nation formation and Europe, Austria from the Hapsburg Empire to a small nation in Europe, the recovery of Spanish self-esteem and international prestige, internal others and external challenges to Italian national identity, modern Greece as a profile of a strained identity, and national formation and Europe in the Czech Republic.
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Title Annotation:HISTORY (GENERAL)
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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