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Enrolled nurses not under threat.

I wish to submit a formal complaint regarding an article published in Kai Tiald Nursing New Zealand (EN employment restrictions continue, December/January, p9). The article states that "two large aged-care chains, Oceania and Radius, had stated their intention to remove ENs from their skit[ mix, replacing them with health care assistants (HCAs)". This is incorrect. The Oceania Group is investing significant resources into facilitating our EN workforce to make the transition to their full scope of practice. We have a large number of ENs working across our sites and have no intention of replacing them with HCAs.

Koran Lorigan, general manager, clinical and operations, Oceania Group, Auckland

NZNO professional nursing adviser Kate Weston replies: It is gratifying to read that the Oceania Group is committed to retaining its EN workforce. This has not always seemed the case from reports given to NZNO by individual ENs. At some aged-care sites, it is our understanding the skill mix is moving much more towards a registered nurse (RN)and health care assistant (HCA) mix.

ENs complement the RN and HCA workforce, providing a level of skill and knowledge that is very useful in aged care. A properly balanced team that includes RN, EN and HCA in an appropriate skill mix is a safe and effective way in which to optimise patient outcomes.

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Author:Lorigan, Koren
Publication:Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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