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Enrico Manca, Gian Paolo Cresci on the birth of Umbriafiction TV.

Enrico Manca, Gian Paolo Cresci on the Birth of Umbriafiction TV

"The success of Umbriafiction TV is one of the most important objectives of RAI TV, for both its role as a public service and its internationally acknowledged long-running tradition in the field of fiction," stated Enrico Manca, President of Italy's RAI.

During Prix Italia |89, Manca introduced the idea of Umbriafiction TV, "to make a concrete contribution towards a better European strategy." Manca added that although "fiction has conquered a predominant position in the universe of television," there has never been a festival dedicated exclusively to fiction.

Manca wanted to create an event that would interest production and programming managers of both state-owned and private TV networks, as well as be "a source of creative stimulation through artistic and cultural rivalry." Mini-series, TV movies, and series will therefore be the focal points of the festivities.

Gian Paolo Cresci, managing director of SACIS, felt that Umbriafiction TV will "offer its participants a chance to reflect and compare international audiovisual themes, of which TV fiction represents the most significant productive reality, both on the financial and creative fronts.

"Television films, mini-series, and serials pull a large audience. Through repeats, the financial budget is easily balanced," said Cresci.

Umbriafiction TV will also focus on the problematic side of the fiction market, Cresci emphasized, "comparing the realities of both private and state-owned networks and production initiatives from both large and small international production houses, busily working on audio-visual development."
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Publication:Video Age International
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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