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Enough is enough.

Could someone please tell me when all this nonsense is going to stop?

Hooliganism and disorder. The government is wise and capable and knows how to handle such situations. As for the "opposition", all I can say is that you have over the past months eroded whatever sympathy many had.

Driving home the other day, next to Saar Cinema a group of youth blocked the road. A boy wearing his T-shirt around his head (for effect I suppose) told us "there is revolution, go back"! I was at City Centre when the mess happened, when a young man decided to take his shirt off in the middle of the mall and started shouting!

My three-year-old was petrified. The so-called champions of human rights Rajab and Khawaja only seem to care about the rights of a certain segment of the population, while turning a blind eye to others' rights (yes we and others in Bahrain have rights too!). Khawaja talked about how beautiful civil disobedience is, citing the example of the sham man-made traffic jam last week!

Please dear, "whereof one does not understand, one should not speak", so educate yourself a bit on the history of such civic acts and read about the Japanese and Indian experiences!

I couldn't stop laughing when I read that Shaikh Ali Salman (Al Wefaq) said he demands a Westminster-type democracy. Does he even know the history, evolution and structure of such democracy?

First of all, religious people such as himself should sit at home, spiritually guide people and stay out of politics. This is the basis of his so-called "civil state".

I don't recall the last time that the Archbishop of Canterbury came out and told the English how to vote or whether to vote or not! In only Bahrain does a self-professed political leader (where you elected Shaikh Ali Salman?) stand up and claim that it is only he that speaks on behalf of the "people of Bahrain" and that there is no other voice! should practise what you preach! I say enough is enough!

Anne C

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Oct 2, 2011
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