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Enjoying the fruits of success.

A major European food manufacturer is enjoying the fruits of success following the installation of a Seepex pump solution in the manufacture of their new healthy fruit drink.

The drink packed full of fruit goodness consists of fruit puree, fruit juice and fruit pieces and so needs gentle handing to ensure the fruit pieces were not destroyed during processing.

From early on it became clear to the client that for such a job only progressive cavity pumps came up to the mark. This is due to progressive cavity pumps unique ability to efficiently handle products in a gentle manner, thanks to their low shear characteristics. This ensures that even delicate products such as fruit pieces are not spoilt during processing even when the product is placed under high pressure.

Seepex's engineers came up with a solution which tests proved to be ideal.

For the project BCSB pumps were used, which have been specially developed by seepex for the food industry. Initially the drink is pumped from the degassing facility into the pasteurizer, with a feed pressure of 24 bar. From there another Seepex pump delivers the pasteurized product to the bottling facility.

To ensure ease of cleaning, something which is required after every charge, the pumps were equipped with a CIP connection. This CIP system allows the thorough cleaning of the pump without the need to disassemble it so offering significant time and cost savings.


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Comment:Enjoying the fruits of success.(NEWS AND INSTALLATIONS)(Seepex.
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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