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Enjoy the holiday season at its most magical with Nickelodeon DVDs.

Young viewers can celebrate the season with their favorite Nickelodeon characters as this selection of DVDs is chock full of holiday episodes:

"Christmas with the Backyardigans" ($16.99) draws us into the imaginative play of our singing and dancing backyard friends with four endearing episodes. In "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve," Abominable Snowmen Tyrone and Austin accidentally take Santa's magic sack, and the heroic Action Elves Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha use their terrific toy-building talents to get it back. Other titles on the disc are "Pablor and the Acorns," which has Acorn scouts Austin, Tasha, and Tyrone in the middle of a battle between galactic warlords Pablor (Pablo) and Uniquor (Uniqua) for the crystal of power and control of the universe; "The Big Dipper Diner"--the best cafe in the Milky Way, as space officers Tasha and Tyrone mistaking an affectionate alien for the dangerous Blaarg, leaving cook Pablo and waitress Uniqua to jump in and straighten things out; and "The Amazing Splashinis," where synchronized high divers Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo are distracted by a sea monster when they try to achieve their most daring dive yet, the sextuple somersault splash. The DVD offers an exclusive Matching Present Game and the "I Love Snow" music video.


In "Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure" ($16.99), Santa has warned Swiper that if he keeps swiping on Christmas, he'll be put on the naughty list permanently. We know that the fox just can't help himself and, when he tries to swipe the Christmas star at Dora's Nochebuena Party, he lands on Santa's naughty list. Of course, Dora wants to Special help him get back on the nice list, so, together, they travel to the past and into the future to collect ornaments and learn the true meaning of Christmas. Features include "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" music videos, a behind-the-scenes featurette of the Young People's chorus, and a Count Down to Christmas Calendar.


"Merry Christmas Olivia" ($16.99) features four installments (each containing two mini-episodes) of the adventures of the animated young pig and her family and friends. In "Olivia Claus," with her favorite doll missing, Olivia dreams of being a Santa who returns lost toys; and, with the help of a snow machine, she spreads Christmas cheer at Francine's July beach party in "Olivia and the Family Photo." In "Olivia's Ice Spectacular," the dynamo creates her own backyard skating rink when "Cinderella on Ice" is canceled; and the friends become news reporters and try to track down the story of the possible sighting of the Abominable snowman in "Olivia's Snow Day." "Olivia Makes a Wedding Gift" for her art teacher after attempts at raising money result in a very small budget; and in "Olivia Makes Magic," Ian wants his sister back after she makes herself disappear. Our porcine heroine plays mommy to her pets and her baby brother in "Olivia and the Babies"; and Olivia wants to sell more Young Pioneer cookies than Francine in "Olivia's Good Luck." The DVD offers "Olivia's Pirate Treasure" as a bonus episode.


Join Max and Ruby in "Everybunny Loves Winter" ($16.99), which includes four installments--containing three mini-episodes apiece--of this endearing show featuring the adventures of seven-year-old Ruby and her three-year-old brother, who always seem to want to do different things and, ultimately, end up getting what they both want. In "Ruby's Snow-bunny," "Ruby's Snowflake," and "Duck Duck Goose," Ruby wants to build a snowbunny, but Max wishes he could go sledding; Ruby tries to make her snowflake cookies look exactly alike but, when Max prevents that, Grandma points out that all snowflakes are different in nature; and Max wants to play duck duck goose but his sister needs to find winter birds for her Bunny Scout badge. In "Ruby's Gingerbread House," "Max's Christmas Passed," and "Max's New Year," Ruby wants to make a gingerbread house and ends up needing Max's worms to keep it together; Max has a plan to extend Christmas; and the siblings want to stay up late and ring in the New Year with their Grandma, but only Max can make it. In "Ruby's Horn of Plenty," "Max's Big Kick," and "Max Says Goodbye," Ruby tries to decorate her Horn of Plenty before her brother eats all of the vegetables; Max ruins Ruby and Louise's collage while learning how to kick a football; and Ruby insists that Max must leave the toys that he can't carry on their outing. In "Max's Balloon Buddies," "Ruby's Penny Carnival," and "Ruby's Big Win," Ruby helps Max hang onto his balloon buddies for the Flower Festival; Max's scary monster house ends up being the hit of the carnival; and Max helps his sister win a coveted goldfish.


While it may not be a holiday DVD, "Let's Hear It for The Laurie Berkner Band!" ($16.99) is sure to ring in some cheer this season. This compilation is packed with music videos familiar to fans of Nickelodeon's "Jack's Big Music Show." In fact, Berkner is the first children's singer ever to appear in music videos on Nick Jr. Helping to foster an appreciation for music with its lyrical themes and movement, the DVD contains such entertaining hits as "Who's That?," "Five Days Old," "The Cat Came Back," and "I'm Not Perfect." Additionally, the disc contains four Moose and Zee music videos as special features.

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