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Enhanced software from Cerritos.

Enhanced Software from Cerritos

The availability of Distributor II software has been announced by Cerritos Computer Services, Inc. According to Cerritos, the Distributor II system, originally designed in 1979, has been continually enhanced. The system is now operating on the IBM AS/400, which Cerritos says provides greater system serviceability and expansion capability.

Personal computers may be connected to the system and used as Distributor II workstations while running other PC software such as WordPerfect, Harvard Graphics, etc. The user may "hot key" between a Distributor II display screen and any PC-based program screen. All system data base files are easily accessible through Distributor II, Cerritos says, including an unlimited combination of sales analysis reports.

Other features of the Distributor II software range from sales and inventory forecasting to automatic truck routing.

The sales and inventory forecasting feature available in Distributor II provides up to 20 weeks of future inventory levels and projected sales. Based on the wholesaler's actual past sales, the program also takes post-off, non post-off and seasonal factors into account. According to Cerritos, the wholesaler has complete control over forecasting conditions, as well as the ability to override the computer's calculation, if desired. Forecasted figures can be printed in report format or viewed on the screen.

Distributor II can also design custom reports, print out automated route cards and facilitate brewery reporting. Cerritos says that Distributor II can create files in the format specified by the Anheuser-Busch, Coors and Miller brewery networks, and each of these files can be displayed or printed for review or modification.

IBM's Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN) is delivered with each system and permits the user to electronically ask questions of IBM or Cerritos Computer Services, Inc. This connection allows Cerritos to electronically deliver software updates and enhancements to customers, as well as troubleshoot problems on customer systems. According to the company, the APPN feature provides the wholesaler with full capabilities for a multiple branch or multiple company operation.

Finally, the optional Accounts Payable software and optional General Ledger software are fully-integrated with the basic system. Purchase orders entered into the system are automatically converted to accounts payable vouchers and passed to the accounts payable system. The Accounts Payable software processes checks and EFTYs and passes the appropriate general ledger entries to the General Ledger software. Sales (by supplier and type), deposit charges and returns, taxes and pickups are listed by G/L account.

For more information, contact Cerritos Computer Services, Inc., 4320 Atlantic Ave., Suite 1, Long Beach, CA, 90807. Tel: (310) 595-8607.
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Title Annotation:Cerritos Computer Services Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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