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WA--Wordaholics Anonymous. Rondeau, Roger E. Aug 1, 2020 546
The rocky road to online learning. Column Jul 14, 2020 609
Desegregating Language: The New Afrikaans Crime Novel. Constantine, Peter Critical essay Jun 22, 2020 1829
Nominalization via Suffixation: A Corpus based Analysis of the Forms and Functions of nominalization in PhD Dissertations in English Studies in Pakistan. Khattak, Naveed-Ur-Rehman; Shehzad, Wasima Report Dec 31, 2019 4377
REARRANGEMENTS. Francis, Darryl Nov 1, 2019 3868
A journey into orthographic inquiry: How an investigation of the word deepened students' understanding of their unit of inquiry and strengthened their spelling skills. Baccon, Jennifer; Hateley-Crowe, Lauren; Hamilton, Fiona Oct 1, 2019 1916
Translating Identity. Lobaugh, Jennifer Jun 22, 2019 637
The Petrified Forest. Helprin, Mark Jun 22, 2019 1007
Reading visual texts: Developing a grammatical metalanguage in Foundation to Year 6. Dittmar, Jacky; Stower, Jo; Hoyte, Frances; Exley, Beryl Jun 1, 2019 1477
The Manifestation of English Hegemony in Taiwan: Critical Examinations of Identity Hierarchy, Identity Politics, and Linguistic Politics. Chuang, Hsun-Yu Sharon Report Apr 1, 2019 7801
Does Noninformative Text Affect Investor Behavior? Anderson, Alyssa G.; Larkin, Yelena Report Mar 22, 2019 17849
THE INDIAN NOVEL IN ENGLISH: A SEARCH FOR IDENTITY. Narayanarao, K. S. Essay Mar 22, 2019 3675
Mandarin challenging English in African classrooms. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 125
Embedding Arts-rich English and literacy pedagogies in the classroom. Ewing, Robyn Report Feb 1, 2019 5815
YOOPER: The U.P.'s unique history and cross-section of several cultures has enabled its residents to develop their own dialect over time, providing the area with its own identity through language. But what does it mean to talk like a "Yooper," and how does one identify with that one-of-a-kind region? Remlinger, Kathryn A. Jan 1, 2019 2632
English Language Development: Preparing for a Business Career. Andrade, Maureen Snow Sep 1, 2018 6121
Derivational paradigms and competition in English: a diachronic study on competing causative verbs and their derivatives. Fernandez-Alcaina, Cristina; Cermak, Jan Report Sep 1, 2018 10577
A pragma-sociolinguistic deconstruction of 'dress', 'meet', and 'toast' in Southwestern Nigeria. Ajayi, Temitope Michael Report Sep 1, 2018 5605
Nomination of mental illnesses in languages of different types. Rudenka, Alena; Xiang, Fang Report Sep 1, 2018 2317
Rhetorical Structure of English and Czech Academic Book Reviews. Sandova, Jana Kozubikova Critical essay Sep 1, 2018 7058
Useful terms in English for the field of extended education and a characterization of the field from a Swiss perspective. Schuepbach, Marianne Report Jul 1, 2018 5270
Materiality, Meaning, and Disbelief: Rene de Lucinge's The Beginning, Continuance and Decay of Estates. Almasi, Zsolt Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 8161
Reading instruction strategies to reduce cognitive load. Allen Knight, Bruce; Galletly, Susan; Morris, Judy; Gargett, Pam Jun 1, 2018 1525
Word inquiry: teaching children to be critical thinkers while studying the structure of English. Hamilton, Fiona Jun 1, 2018 1907
Anteposicion negativa: intervencion y variacion parametrica en oraciones completivas. Jimenez-Fernandez, Angel Luis Report Jun 1, 2018 9691
Structural patterns of postmodifier in Nigerian English noun phrase. Akinlotan, Mayowa Report Jun 1, 2018 12134
Student Mother Tongue Usage, Preference, and Attitudes in Bungoma County, Kenya. Wasike, Aggrey Essay May 1, 2018 6343
DISTURBING VERBING AND PRE-VERBING. Rondeau, Roger E. Feb 1, 2018 424
Promotion through claiming centrality in L1 and L2 English Research Article Introductions. Abdi, Jalil; Sadeghi, Karim Report Jan 1, 2018 7241
Traduire la virtu de Machiavel en anglais. Labrecque, Simon; Lemieux, Rene Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 10305
A Practical Model for Integrating Action Research Time into Second Language Education Schedule/Un modelo practico para integrar el tiempo de la investigacion-accion en el programa de educacion de segunda lengua. Doqaruni, Vahid Rahmani; Ghonsooly, Behzad; Pishghadam, Reza Report Jan 1, 2018 7053
Rethinking Gender and Language in Stephen Scrope's Epistle of Othea. Schieberle, Misty Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 9894
A Study of Intra-Sentential Code Mixing in a Multilingual Context. Ali, Muhammad Mooneeb; Buriro, Ghulam Ali; Charan, Aftab Ahmed Report Dec 31, 2017 10998
"To Whom It May Concern": A Study on the Use of Lexical Bundles in Email Writing Tasks in an English Proficiency Test. Li, Zhi; Volkov, Alex Report Dec 15, 2017 8216
A Study in Enhancing L2 Learners' Utility with Written Academic Formulaic Sequences. Murray, Lewis Report Dec 15, 2017 7419
On the Role of Media Input in the Learning of Formulaic Sequences by EFL Learners. Koc, Didem Koban; Koc, Serdar Engin Report Dec 15, 2017 7663
Factors Impacting Recognition of False Collocations by Speakers of English as L1 and L2. Makinina, Olga Report Dec 15, 2017 11214
An Emerging Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Pragmatic Formulas. Zavialova, Alisa Report Dec 15, 2017 4660
Learning and Teaching L2 Collocations: Insights from Research. Szudarski, Pawel Report Dec 15, 2017 5431
Author(itie)s and Sources in the Prefatory Matter to Eighteenth-Century English Grammars for Children/Autor(idad)es y fuentes en el material preliminar de las gramaticas inglesas del siglo XVIII para ninos. Dominguez-Rodriguez, Maria Victoria Essay Dec 1, 2017 8409
Accounting for the Alternating Behaviour of Location Arguments from the Perspective of Role and Reference Grammar/Explicacion del comportamiento alternante de los argumentos locativos desde la perspectiva de la Gramatica del Papel y la Referencia. Rodriguez-Juarez, Carolina Essay Dec 1, 2017 7722
Engaging the enemy: computer games in the English classroom. Toomey, Margaret Report Sep 30, 2017 5853
Teaching Asia: English pedagogy and Asia literacy within the Australian Curriculum. Gauci, Regan; Curwood, Jen Scott Sep 29, 2017 7440
DEREK WALCOTT/AUGUST WILSON: Homage to 20th Century Masters of WORD. Harrison, Paul Carter Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 8426
THE STATUS OF OLD ENGLISH DARE REVISITED. Gregersen, Sune Essay Sep 1, 2017 6685
Words of French origin ending in-ADE. Shaw, D.M. Aug 1, 2017 424
South Korean students' responses to English-medium instruction courses. Chun, Seungwoo; Kim, Hyondong; Park, Chan-Kyoo; McDonald, Karin; Ha, Oh Sun; Kim, Dae Lyong; Lee, Se Report Jul 1, 2017 5442
Interrogating the social impact of English language teaching policies in Colombia from the vantage point of rural areas. Cruz-Arcila, Ferney Report Jul 1, 2017 8198
Translating technical terms into Arabic: Microsoft Terminology Collection (English-Arabic) as an example. Hassan, Sameh Saad Report Jul 1, 2017 9406
The translation of 'spirit' and 'soul' in the Mandarin Bible Union Version. Chan, Clara Ho-yan Report Jul 1, 2017 7014
The translator's preface as a paratextual device in Malay-English literary translations. Haroon, Haslina Report Jul 1, 2017 7398
Sensible and crazy numbers. Russo, James Jun 22, 2017 2099
"Una relajante taza de Lingua Franca Core": actitudes locales hacia el ingles con acento local. Cutillas Espinosa, Juan Antonio Report Jun 1, 2017 6949
Specialized English for tourism legislation. Nadrag, Lavinia; Buzarna-Tihenea, Alina "Galbeaza" Report Jun 1, 2017 3069
What do you call it? Some of the most fitting words to describe positive experiences and emotions don't exist in the English language. Friedlander, Jamie Jun 1, 2017 606
Examining the examiners: the state of senior secondary English examinations in Australia. Anson, Daniel W.J. Report Jun 1, 2017 6821
On linearization as part of narrow syntax: The case of OSV/OVS structures. Castillo, Concha Report Jun 1, 2017 8641
REGIONAL VARIATION IN JESPERSEN'S CYCLE IN EARLY MIDDLE ENGLISH. Walkden, George; Morrison, Donald Alasdair Report Jun 1, 2017 10291
Theory and practice in teaching English economics vocabulary. Tascovici, Daliana Ecaterina; Platon, Carolina Report Apr 1, 2017 3060
Speaking freely. Helprin, Mark Mar 22, 2017 960
A Kushi-English-Hausa Wordlist. Batic, Gian Claudio List Jan 1, 2017 5856
English as an Additional Language (EAL) Service in Aberdeen: a case study. Rasheed, Maleeha Ather Report Jan 1, 2017 10454
Stress Placement in English Bi-Syllabic and Tri-Syllabic Suffixed Words and their Roots by Pashto Speakers in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (Pakistan). Report Dec 31, 2016 12720
Effects of an evidence-based intervention on the Australian English language development of a vulnerable group of young Aboriginal children. Brookes, Isabel Dec 1, 2016 7014
We somehow survive: English language learning, social cohesion and questions of identity. Ray, Smita Dec 1, 2016 8450
Use of technology in college and university English classrooms. Black, Bethany; Lassmann, Marie E. Report Dec 1, 2016 3382
Processing English compounds: investigating semantic transparency. Gagne, Christina L.; Spalding, Thomas L.; Nisbet, Kelly A. Report Dec 1, 2016 8487
New words, from Yoda to YOLO. Brief article Nov 21, 2016 148
It's about time: the role of literacy across the curriculum and why everyone misses out when it is left to English. Donnelly, Patrick Oct 1, 2016 1342
Discourse particles in Malaysian English: what do they mean? Tay, Li Chia; Chan, Mei Yuit; Yap, Ngee Thai; Wong, Bee Eng Report Oct 1, 2016 11202
Promoting Students' English Proficiency through Curriculum at the Secondary Level. Adil, Jehangir; Muhammad, Niaz Report Sep 30, 2016 3844
The Use of Language Learning Strategies by Pakistani M.A. English Students in Literature/Linguistics. Ali, Akbar; Ghani, Mamuna; Malik, Fazal; Ahmad, Aziz Report Sep 30, 2016 3985
Buszel, Kombajner, and rels: Fisiak's 1961 Corpus of English borrowings in polish fifty five years later. Dylewski, Radoslaw Report Sep 1, 2016 10997
John Lydgate's use of prepositions and adverbs meaning 'between'. Ciszek-Kiliszewska, Ewa Critical essay Sep 1, 2016 5461
The visual text: bibliographic codes as pragmatic markers on a manuscript page. Rogos-Hebda, Justyna Report Sep 1, 2016 3003
Middle English names of merchants: etymology and aspects of usage. Dobrovolska, Oxana Report Sep 1, 2016 12526
THE WORLD AS PROCESS. Epstein, Richard L. Essay Jul 1, 2016 7888
Denials of racism in Canadian English language textbooks. Gulliver, Trevor; Thurrell, Kristy Essay Jun 22, 2016 8655
Dared-headed blend constructions in Middle and Early Modern English. Bemposta-Rivas, Sofia Report Jun 1, 2016 6873
Attitudes towards using The Simpsons to engage students in the English classroom. Heffernan, Amanda Jun 1, 2016 6378
Traditional tales from around the world: encouraging young voices into the classroom through literary description. Rushton, Kathleen Jun 1, 2016 1979
Math and ELA meet at the Common Core: The Common Core's Math and English language arts standards have more in common than you might think. Gardner, Nancy S.; Smith, Nicole Mar 1, 2016 2367
Continuity and change in the (new) Kosciuszko foundation dictionary. Adamska-Salaciak, Arleta Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 6191
Islamic religious terms in English--translation vs. transliteration in Ezzeddin Ibrahim and Denys Johnson-Davies' translation of An-Nawawi's forty Hadiths. Hassan, Sameh Report Jan 1, 2016 8152
Exploring intercultural communication challenges: a case study on Chinese-English interpreting. Bourne, Jennifer Shuying Case study Jan 1, 2016 7745
ESP/ASP in the domains of science and law in a French higher education context: preliminary reflections. Chaplier, Claire; O'Connell, Anne-Marie Essay Dec 22, 2015 8842
Chinese students' perceptions of the value of test preparation courses for the TOEFL iBT: merit, worth, and significance. Ma, Jia; Cheng, Liying Report Dec 22, 2015 8680
Li use, lexical richness, accuracy and syntactic complexity in the oral production of CLIL and NON-CLIL Learners of English/Uso de la Li, riqueza lexica, precision y complejidad sintactica en la produccion oral de aprendices de ingles en contextos AICLE y NO-AICLE. Adrian, Maria Martinez; Mangado, M. Juncal Gutierrez Report Dec 1, 2015 8506
Iranians rate poorly in English proficiency, but so does all of Middle East. Brief article Nov 6, 2015 160
Explaining employees' reactions towards a Cross-border merger: the role of English language fluency. Kroon, David P.; Cornelissen, Joep P.; Vaara, Eero Nov 1, 2015 12087
NMC to finalise policy on English language tests for EU nurses. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 119
Improving the Opportunities and Outcomes of California's Students Learning English: Findings from School District-University Collaborative Partnerships. Policy Brief 15-1. Umansky, Ilana M.; Reardon, Sean F.; Hakuta, Kenji; Thompson, Karen D.; Estrada, Peggy; Hayes, Kathe Report Oct 1, 2015 476
English Language Teachers' Opinion on Intermediate English Textbooks taught in Punjab Pakistan. Shoukat, Bushra; Ghani, Mamuna Report Sep 30, 2015 3796
A pragmatic analysis of Nigerianisms in the English usage in Soyinka's Death and the King's Horseman. Aremu, Moses Adebayo Report Sep 15, 2015 8153
A corpus study of some rare English verbs. Bauer, Laurie Report Sep 1, 2015 2675
"Phrasal compounds" and the discourse/lexicology interface: "conglomeration" within the French tradition of English lexicology. Ballier, Nicolas Report Sep 1, 2015 8134
The syntagmatic and paradigmatic axes of productivity: an application to the onomasiological model of word-formation. Fernandez-Dominguez, Jesus Report Sep 1, 2015 4987
Comprehension and written production of English modifier-noun phrases: effects of meaning predictability. Gagne, Christina L.; Spalding, Thomas L.; Park, Juana R. Report Sep 1, 2015 4716
The missing nominalization. Lieber, Rochelle Report Sep 1, 2015 4076
English Language Proficiency: Social and Academic Adjustment of Pakistani Postgraduate Students Abroad. Jehangir, Mohammad; Khan, Rashid Report Aug 31, 2015 3710
What the hell is "Ochuchupied"? Duodu, Cameron Column Aug 1, 2015 1364
Disjoint word chains. Irvine, Sean A. Aug 1, 2015 1995
Post-communicative pedagogies: revisiting the translation method of teaching English in East Asia. Chan, Leo Tak-hung Report Jul 1, 2015 8722
Translating English compound adjectives into Italian: problems and strategies. Pierini, Patrizia Report Jul 1, 2015 6155
Teachers' Level of Proficiency in English Speaking as Medium of Instruction and Causes for English Speaking Deficiency. Gul, Shahwar; Aziz, Shamsa Report Jun 30, 2015 2692
Differences in the Use of English Vocabulary Learning Strategies at Higher Secondary Level. Malik, Iftikhar Haider; Akhtar, Mumtaz Report Jun 30, 2015 3668
Using hierarchical linear modelling to examine factors predicting English language students' reading achievement. Fung, Karen; ElAtia, Samira Report Jun 22, 2015 7263
The relationship between lexical frequency profiling measures and rater judgements of spoken and written general English language proficiency on the CELPIP-general test. Douglas, Scott Roy Report Jun 22, 2015 9429
6. Parental involvement in children's early grade literacy learning: voices from parents unable to read or write English. Motlhagodi, Notty; Kasule, D. Report Jun 1, 2015 5732
7. The English language needs of business students at Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia. Mognhode, Tadele; Woldemariam, Haileleul Zeleke Report Jun 1, 2015 7756
The language of architecture: in English and in Polish. Rachfal, Jacek Report Jun 1, 2015 5441
The productivity of word-formation among selected Modern English synonyms of prostitute in an onomasiological method of research. Duda, Bozena Report Jun 1, 2015 4254
Convertible English. Lederer, Richard May 1, 2015 964
Using trialogues to measure English language skills. So, Youngsoon; Zapata-Rivera, Diego; Cho, Yeonsuk; Luce, Christine; Battistini, Laura Report Apr 1, 2015 6965
Interactive Approach in English Language Learning and Its Impact on Developing Language Skills. Naheed, Farzana Report Mar 31, 2015 2618
An analysis of the effect of a Cyber Home Learning System on Korean secondary school students' English language achievement and attitude. Shin, Ji Hye; Albers, Peggy Report Mar 22, 2015 8100
About English-language scholarship on humor in ancient Chinese literature. Zhuang, Peina; Cheng, Lei Essay Mar 1, 2015 4438
The reception of Mao's 'talks at the Yan'an forum on literature and art' in English-language scholarship. Fu, Qilin Essay Mar 1, 2015 5239
The Tibetan-English novel: a post-Buddhist form? Galvan-Alvarez, Enrique Essay Dec 22, 2014 4455
Configuring identity through memory of siege: the rock and the Barbary Macaque in 21st-century Gibraltarian fiction in English. Stotesbury, John A. Essay Dec 22, 2014 3483
Why do I have to teach this way? Chapman, Mary Essay Dec 1, 2014 1376
Exploring the moderating role of self-management of learning in mobile English learning. Huang, Rui-Ting Report Oct 1, 2014 6276
e-learning is education for the future. Dalby, Alexa Brief article Aug 1, 2014 186
Design and implementation of repeatable and short-spanned m-learning model for English listening and comprehension mobile digital textbook contents on smartphone. Byun, Hye Won; Chin, SungHo; Chung, Kwang Sik Report Aug 1, 2014 6387
It's kaos. Get smart! Kidd, Stuart Aug 1, 2014 676
Pedagogical literary environmental activism and "The Dream of the Rood". Ralph, Iris Critical essay Jul 1, 2014 6253
Free English course. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 138
An application of DBR to the development of a framework for English language education. Sumi, Sei; Schalow, Thomas Report Jul 1, 2014 3716
"You give me thousand green breathings": crafting literary arts in English language classroom. Parsaiyan, Seyyedeh Fahimeh; Ghajar, Sue-San Ghahremani; Salahimoghaddam, Soheila; Janahmadi, Fateme Report Jun 22, 2014 8197
European middlebrow (Brussels, Belgium, 17-18 January 2014). Macdonald, Kate Conference notes Jun 22, 2014 789
A comparative study and translation of linguistic taboos in Persian, English and Yemeni language. Talebinezhad, Mohammad Reza; Najafabadi, Afsaneh Karshenas Report Jun 20, 2014 4414
Alternation vs. allomorphic variation in old English word-formation: evidence from the derivational paradigm of strong verbs. Novo Urraca, Carmen; Pesquera Fernandez, Laura Report Jun 1, 2014 6905
Lexical borrowing and the inter-dental fricative challenge in Ndebele. Ndlovu, Samuel Report Jun 1, 2014 4771
The Course of CONVERSATION Building Interview Skills: Planning and conducting on-screen interviews gives upper primary students the opportunity to develop their communication skills through language, personal interactions and multimedia presentations, writes ANNE VIZE. Jun 1, 2014 2739
Designing and implementing bi-lingual mobile dictionary to be used in machine translation. Al-Barhamtoshy, Hassanin M.; Mujallid, Fatimah M. Report Apr 1, 2014 6438
What is "EET"? A proposal to add a series of referent-inclusive third person singular pronouns and possessive adjectives to the English language for use in legal drafting. Thatcher, C. Marshall Mar 22, 2014 5278
Even math requires learning academic language. Barrow, Melissa A. Mar 1, 2014 1929
English '-ly' adverbs: from subject orientation to conversion. Valera, Salvador Report Mar 1, 2014 9792
Exploring linguistic repertoires: multiple language use and multimodal literacy activity in five classrooms. D'warte, Jacqueline Report Feb 1, 2014 6113
Embedding English language across the curriculum in higher education: a continuum of development support. Briguglio, Carmela; Watson, Shalini Report Feb 1, 2014 5321
Regenerating indigenous literacy resourcefulness: a middle school intervention. Godinho, Sally; Woolley, Marilyn; Webb, Jessie; Winkel, Kenneth Report Feb 1, 2014 4176
Incorporating the metaphors of daily life into the English/language arts curriculum. Soter, Anna Report Feb 1, 2014 5482
Opening the portal: an exploration of the use of postmodern picture books to develop critical literacy and contribute to learning in the Australian Curriculum: English. Turner, Carmel Report Feb 1, 2014 4753
Facilitating English-language reading performance by a digital reading annotation system with self-regulated learning mechanisms. Chen, Chih-Ming; Wang, Jung-Ying; Chen, Yen-Chang Report Jan 1, 2014 6871
Linguistics or stylistics? Remarks on the translation of lexical anaphora from French into English and other associated phenomena. Ranger, Graham Report Jan 1, 2014 5032
Optimizing business translation skills in higher education ESP. Niculescu, Andrei Report Jan 1, 2014 3667
Length of stay abroad: effects of time on the speech act of requesting. Vilar Beltran, Elina Report Jan 1, 2014 7939
Unsupervised quality estimation model for English to German translation and its application in extensive supervised evaluation. Han, Aaron L.-F.; Wong, Derek F.; Chao, Lidia S.; He, Liangye; Lu, Yi Report Jan 1, 2014 7568
Voice Onset Time (VOT) for Voiceless Plosives in Pashto (L1) and English (L2). Syed, Nasir Abbas Report Dec 31, 2013 5712
The Spanish classics under scrutiny: translating honour for modern English-speaking audiences. Riera, Jorge Braga Essay Dec 22, 2013 3270
Early old English nominal system: synchronic declensions in the Vespasian Psalter. Kolasinska, Paulina Report Dec 15, 2013 3574
"Much, I am sure, depends on you": James Fordyce's lessons on female happiness and perfection. Bronk, Katarzyna Report Dec 15, 2013 6227
Modals, speech acts and (im)politeness: interactions in Shakespeare's plays. Nakayasu, Minako Report Dec 15, 2013 9251
Metaforas eufemisticas en epitafios ingleses y espanoles: un estudio contrastivo. Crespo-Fernandez, Eliecer Dec 1, 2013 8142
The vital role of conflict interpreters. Amich, Maria Gomez Report Dec 1, 2013 6357
The influence of language on research results. Abu-Shanab, Emad; Nor, Khalil Md Report Dec 1, 2013 4140
SPELT, CIIT world moot on English concludes. Conference notes Nov 10, 2013 215
Addressing the effects of reciprocal teaching on the receptive and expressive vocabulary of 1st-grade students. Mandel, Eliana; Osana, Helena P.; Venkatesh, Vivek Report Oct 1, 2013 10486
How common is common? An analysis of the recommended text exemplars. Burns, Elizabeth; Kimmel, Sue; Garrison, Kasey L. Report Oct 1, 2013 3645
English, stem, and salmon fishing in the Yemen. Gad-El-Hak, Mohamed Oct 1, 2013 607
Chilean pics aim to break out in English: global-minded filmmakers and producers target their latest efforts to speak to worldwide auds. De La Fuente, Anna Marie Sep 25, 2013 443
The increasing acceptance of onscreen marking--the 'tablet computer' effect. Coniam, David Report Jul 1, 2013 7120
Computer enhanced English language tool for students with hearing loss--a Bulgarian study. Zamfirov, Milen; Saeva, Svetoslava Report Jul 1, 2013 5907
Limited aspects of reality: frames of reference in language assessment. Fulcher, Glenn; Svalberg, Agneta Report Jul 1, 2013 7499
Large-scale assessment of language proficiency: theoretical and pedagogical reflections on the use of multiple-choice tests. Alvarez, Irina Arguelles Report Jul 1, 2013 7790
Washback in language assessment. Green, Anthony Report Jul 1, 2013 5450
Is English-lingo master the symbol of new Euro pix? A crop of films ignore the youth market, instead aiming at families and older auds. Hopewell, John Jun 18, 2013 556
Compounds, lexicalization patterns and parts-of-speech: English and Bulgarian compound verbs in comparison and contrast. Bagasheva, Alexandra Report Jun 1, 2013 9605
Coordinated compounds: comparison between English and Japanese. Shimada, Masaharu Report Jun 1, 2013 7858
Compounds in English, in French, in Polish, and in general. Hacken, Pius ten Report Jun 1, 2013 7604
Language use and abuse: the English language in Chikwava's Harare North and Gappah's An Elegy for Easterly. Mangena, Tenday; Nyambi, Oliver Report Jun 1, 2013 4488
Supporting English as an additional language students in science: integrating content and language. McCallum, Miranda; Miller, Jenny Report Jun 1, 2013 5338
Is U a word or do you spell it with a Z? English spelling in Australian schools--are we getting it write? Zedda-Sampson, Louise Report Jun 1, 2013 4809
Towards regularisation: morphological spelling in several editions of the Kalender of Shepherdes. Rutkowska, Hanna Essay Jun 1, 2013 7716
English words spelled the same but pronounced differently: (also known as homographs or heteronyms). Carley, James F. May 1, 2013 1386
Now the Chinese even are better than us at English. Hoover, Brad May 1, 2013 1570
Using tangible companions for enhancing learning English conversation. Wang, Yi Hsuan; Young, Shelley S.-C.; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger Report Apr 1, 2013 7272
"English" as Guyana's medium of expression. Smith, Victoria Essay Mar 22, 2013 8614
Let's go by Wisconsin. Feb 1, 2013 1048
The Nation's Report Card: Mega-States--An Analysis of Student Performance in the Five Most Heavily Populated States in the Nation. NCES 2013-450. Report Feb 1, 2013 395
Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol[R] (SIOP[R]). What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Feb 1, 2013 455
Six Differentiated Strategies for ESL Literacy for Birth to Third Grade Developmentally Disabled and Normal Students of Hispanic Heritage. Jaramillo, James; Jaramillo, Olga Report Jan 29, 2013 188
The Divisive Gate-Keeping Role of Languages in Jamaica: Establishing Post Primary Schools as Centres for Immersion in the Target Language. Davids, Melva P. Report Jan 1, 2013 213
The Effectiveness of Writing Conferences and Peer Response Groups Strategies on the EFL Secondary Students' Writing Performance and Their Self Efficacy (A Comparative Study). Hussein, Mohamed Abdel Hadi; Al Ashri, Ismail Ibrahim El shirbini Abdel fattah Abstract Jan 1, 2013 393
English in Europe: Debates and Discourses,. Pulcini, Virginia Conference notes Dec 22, 2012 2580
Linguistics: types of lexical complexity in English: syntactic categories and the lexicon. Anderson, John Report Dec 1, 2012 15422
Integrating an open-source learning management system (Moodle) in an English language program: a case study. Chen, Xin; Guilbaud, Christa; Yang, Hongxia; Tao, Congwu Dec 1, 2012 3326
NLP web services for Slovene and English: morphosyntactic tagging, lemmatisation and definition extraction. Pollak, Senja; Trdin, Nejc; Vavpetic, Anze; Erjavec, Tomaz Report Dec 1, 2012 5934
English or bust. Davis, Crystal Brief article Nov 22, 2012 200
Ghoti revisited. Silverman, David L. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 219
Further transposals from the Dictionary of American Regional English. Francis, Darryl Nov 1, 2012 1824
Ain't ain't the same no more. Dahlem, Glenn G. Essay Nov 1, 2012 853
A 42-letter pangrammatic window. Nov 1, 2012 1675
Unlocking Emergent Talent: Supporting High Achievement of Low-Income, High Ability Students. Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula; Clarenbach, Jane Report Nov 1, 2012 402
Education Funding: A Brief to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services from the British Columbia Teachers' Federation. Report Oct 1, 2012 409
Critical pedagogy in the classroom: library instruction that gives voice to students and builds a community of scholars. Reale, Michelle Report Oct 1, 2012 3783
When English meets history: exploring the faction genre through action learning. Herbert, Beth Report Oct 1, 2012 4979
Lenin's Irish accent who knew? Ceallaigh, Daltun O. Brief article Sep 22, 2012 322
Use English--only workplace rules with caution. Johnson, Linda Jul 13, 2012 754
Yo y Tu. Equi, Elaine Poem Jul 1, 2012 130
Contrastive analysis and translation study from a corpus linguistics perspective. Gomez-Castejon, Ma. Angeles Report Jul 1, 2012 8988
Conceptions of Teaching Held by the Instructors in English Language Teaching Departments. Canbay, Orkun; Beceren, Sedat Abstract Jul 1, 2012 231
Sexism in Nigerian English. Dada, S.A.; Owoeye, O.K. Report Jul 1, 2012 6062
Jabberwocky: the complexities of mathematical English: there is no doubt that some students find the language of mathematics dense and difficult to understand. Merilyn Carter and Lorna Quinnell explore the complexities of mathematical language and offer some useful suggestions for helping children make sense out the mathematical text. Carter, Merilyn; Quinnell, Lorna Report Jun 22, 2012 3575
Diminutive -let in English. Schneider, Klaus P.; Strubel-Burgdorf, Susanne Report Jun 1, 2012 7885
The supremacy of English. A challenge for the European Union. Gaz, Roxana Report Jun 1, 2012 5629
Knowledge about language in the Australian Curriculum: English. Derewianka, Beverly Report Jun 1, 2012 7027
Teachers' knowledge about language: Issues of pedagogy and expertise. Jones, Pauline; Chen, Honglin Report Jun 1, 2012 7995
A multi-level language toolkit for the Australian Curriculum: English. Love, Kristina; Humphrey, Sally Report Jun 1, 2012 7694
Parsing the Australian English curriculum: grammar, multimodality and cross-cultural texts. Exley, Beryl; Mills, Kathy A. Report Jun 1, 2012 5124
Hope and challenge in the Australian curriculum: implications for EAL students and their teachers. Hammond, Jennifer Report Jun 1, 2012 7472
Growing Awareness, Growing Support: Teacher and Voter Understanding of the Common Core State Standards & Assessments. Report Jun 1, 2012 397
Is English Or Mandarin The Language Of The Future? Pak, Jennifer Brief article May 12, 2012 195
Grade 8 to 12 Academic Growth Patterns for English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities. ACT Research Report Series, 2012 (1). Bassiri, Dina; Allen, Jeff Abstract Apr 1, 2012 300
Effects of Curriculum and Teacher Professional Development on the Language Proficiency of Elementary English Language Learner Students in the Central Region. Final Report. NCEE 2012-4013. Arens, Sheila A.; Stoker, Ginger; Barker, Jane; Shebby, Susan; Wang, Xin; Cicchinelli, Lou F.; Willi Abstract Apr 1, 2012 842
Integration of multimedia courseware into ESP instruction for technological purposes in higher technical education. Tsai, Shu-Chiao Report Apr 1, 2012 7165
Cyber asynchronous versus blended cyber approach in distance English learning. Ge, Zi-Gang Report Apr 1, 2012 6935
Languages without borders: TESOL in a transient world. Nero, Shondel Report Mar 22, 2012 4934
ICT hints & tips: a series from NATE's ICT Committee. Warren, Chris; Millum, Trevor Mar 22, 2012 1216
Focusing on grammar: where to start? Clark, Urszula Mar 22, 2012 1991
Roller coaster writing: or how to write the exciting bits. Mascord, Glenn Mar 22, 2012 2259
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