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England Test flops should stay indoors; Ismay's Insights AN ALTERNATIVE LOOK AT LIFE IN AND AROUND THE SPORTING ARENA WITH DAVE ISMAY TWITTER: @DaveIsmay1.

FROM the middle of the desert the smoke from a merrily burning funeral pyre composed entirely of barely-used bats can be seen all over the cricketing world. The sunken epitaph alongside reads "RIP English cricket. They came, they saw, they failed."

Conversely enough, far better judges than I believed the ignominy and odium of a whitewash could have been avoided had concentration and grit been utilised to snatch an unlikely victory in the final test. As it transpired, tame surrender was once more the order of the day.

Always ready with excuses and following on from dubious bowling actions and sand storms, the blame for England's shabbiness has now been laid at the door of DRS (Direct Review Decision). The main beneficiaries from this technology have undoubtedly been the spin bowlers as, in effect, batters can no longer declare the willow redundant and merely "pad away" any suspicious rotating delivery heading towards the stumps.

Far more pertinent is the criticism levelled by former Pakistan opener, Mudassar Nazar, now head coach at the ICC's global academy in Dubai, who questioned England's build-up to the series.

He said they ignored the academy's state-of-the-art indoor facilities, which include a piece of technology that provides a life-size image of any specific bowler and would have imparted some forewarning of the wiles of Ajmal and Rehman.

He added our players were far more interested in hitting sixes and fours off the outdoor bowling machine then finding a method of run gathering and enduring defence on unfamiliar pitches and becoming accustomed to the environment.

As with everything else a Pakistani has said or done during the last three weeks I have no justifiable grounds on which to offer any opposition.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Feb 9, 2012
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