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Engineering Document Systems intros new plain paper microfilm.

The new Imtec 3000 Universal Reader Printer, just introduced to the U.S. market by Engineering Document Systems, will produce up to 22 "A" size prints per minute or 14 "B" size prints per minute from any microfilm, including cartridges, on to plain bond paper.

The versatility offered by the Imtec 3000 enables the user to print from rollfilm, aperture card, microfiche or jackets and cartridges on to a variety of materials including plain or colored paper, vellum, tracing paper or even overhead projection slides. The unit has a range of lenses from 7.4x up to 54x.

The Imtec 3000 features the latest and most advanced printer module and has user friendly controls with self help diagnostics to ensure trouble free running. For further simplification, the Imtec 3000 uses a "copy kit" which produces approximately 20,000 "A" size prints. The kit includes replacement filters and rollers so the user no longer has to worry about preventive maintenance, click charges or continuity of supplies.

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Title Annotation:Imtec 3000 Universal Reader Printer, computer printer
Publication:Information Today
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Date:Feb 1, 1992
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