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Engineering Association of Rio Grande de Sul Standardizes on CA'S Ingres II For New Web-Based Information Retrieval System.

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil--(BUSINESS WIRE)--October 27, 1998--

CA's RDBMS Enables Thousands of Users to Access

Millions of Projects Via the Internet

Computer Associates International, Inc., (CA) today announced that the Engineering Association of Rio Grande de Sul (CREA/RS) has standardized on Ingres II as its Internet-enabled, client/server database management system. Interested parties can now access more than four million CREA/RS projects via the Internet.

CREA/RS was founded by the Brazilian government to maintain consistency with state engineering and agronomy projects. The agency currently processes more than 5,000 jobs a month, including professional records, technical notes, lawsuits, and the status of projects. CREA/RS is also responsible for inspecting all civil construction works.

CREA/RS had been operating with outdated hardware and proprietary systems that were hindering its growth. CREA/RS needed a robust, highly scalable relational database management system (RDBMS) to support future growth while maintaining access to the large volume of existing historical data crucial to its operation.

After an extensive evaluation of leading products, CREA/RS chose CA's Ingres II. CREA/RS' Ingres II implementation now manages data pertaining to more than four million projects and provides a dynamic and secure interchange of information over the Internet.

"Ingres II was the only solution to meet all of our technical and business needs -- especially legacy data distribution via the Internet," said Paulo Frank, IT manager at CREA/RS IT. "In addition, Ingres II's built-in mission-critical performance, scalability and manageability makes it a very cost-effective choice for CREA/RS."

Ingres II's ability to manage data and publish it on the Internet without daily intervention by IT completely changed the routines of the organization's employees. "We are providing superior services in a more timely fashion to the public," said Frank. "As a result, our costs have decreased while our productivity and the demand for our services has increased."

Ingres II is an integral part of CA's Harmony family, a comprehensive information management strategy that allows organizations to exploit new technologies while integrating existing applications and data sources.

CREA/RS was founded by the Brazilian government with the objective of keeping professional records and Technical Responsibility Notes of all state engineering and agronomy works, in addition to inspecting civil construction works. CREA/RS is extremely important for the quality control of services and the protection of the interests of the Brazilian people. The organization comprises a vast network of professionals including engineers, agronomists, architects, geologists, geographers, meteorologists, technologists and technicians.

Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), with headquarters in Islandia, N.Y., is the world leader in mission-critical business software. The company develops, licenses and supports more than 500 integrated products that include enterprise computing and information management, application development, manufacturing and financial applications. CA has over 11,000 people in 160 offices in 43 countries and had revenue of $4.7 billion in fiscal year 1998. CA can be reached by visiting, emailing, or calling 1-516-342-5224. -0- All referenced product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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Date:Oct 27, 1998
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