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Engineering Advances for Food and Agriculture.

Engineering Advances for Food and Agriculture.

This text forms the Proceedings of the jubilee conference of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers. The event was cosponsored by the Fellowship of Engineering, Robinson College, Cambridge and held in September 1988. As the editor points out in his Foreword, the book includes all the papers and posters that were received six months before the event. One was not received in time and thus a substitute contribution has been included for the opening paper in Session 5.

It seems strange to make the comment at this stage but less than fifty years ago the tractor replaced other means of draught power in the developed parts of the Western World. The Second World War focused attention on the problems of raising and producing crops more efficiently. In general terms this has meant using a smaller labour force and more mechanisation to produce more food. In the last decade the problem of food surpluses has arisen but that has in no way detracted from the major problem of producing food for both animals and man more efficiently.

The event was divided into five sessions; the first carried the title Engineering for crops, the second Engineering for livestock, the third Tractors and field machinery, then Post-harvest technology and finally Computers and electronics. Each session featured a presentation of posters and there were no fewer than eightyone of them, whilst the number of actual papers was a more modest twenty. Their titles were: Soil manipulation; Irrigation and drainage engineering for crop production; Engineering for crops-protected crops; Advances in dairy engineering; Housed livestock; Livestock handling and transport; Animal waste engineering; Mechanised systems - the replacement problem; Power utilization - in tractors; Tractor mechanisms and systems; Harvesting technology for forage crops and seed crops; Crop conditioning research - potatoes and cereal grains; Storage of perishables, Cleaning, grading, inspection of packaging; Food process engineering; An introduction to the application of information technology to agriculture; Sensors; Universal control systems - an internationally accepted approach; and Robotics in agriculture and food production. The titles of the poster presentations covered an equally wide range of topics but space prevents a list of them being published here.
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Date:Jul 1, 1989
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