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Engineered solutions in the water and wastewater industry that stand the test of time.

Raven Lining Systems has a proud and rich history as a leader providing engineered solutions to protect and rehabilitate water and wastewater infrastructure for over 25 years. Raven is a company built on the confidence that our partners and staff have consistently placed in it over time. This confidence is shown in the protection, strength, experience, and commitment represented every day in our products, customer service and technical expertise. It is this innovative-thinking that has allowed Raven to recently expand into the oil and gas market, to deliver clean secondary containment protection solutions for our environment.

Raven prides itself on partnerships of the highest integrity with a solid commitment to our standards of excellence. Continually setting high standards is a way of life for Raven. Whether it is creating an industry-needed solution or revamping an existing product line, Raven understands that when you set and deliver higher standards, you consistently achieve quality performance, therefore unleashing continued confidence.

Raven's innovative technology has proven to stand the test of time by simply providing superior quality and reliability through a network of trusted certified applicators. These certified applicators are provided continuous education on the latest application methods and cutting-edge technology. Currently, we have more than 50 certified applicators serving customers nationwide with a combined level of experience which is unmatched in the industry. Raven strives to provide an un-daunting level of commitment to its applicators and customers, knowing that they will have the level of confidence to be competitive in the industry.


Some of Raven's signature products are the Raven[R] 405, AquataPoxy[R] A-6 and A-6 Thick and the Raven[R] 750.

Recently, Raven launched its newest product, the Raven[R] 760 HPPC. This product is a high performance polymer concrete used in the water and wastewater industry packed with benefits such as:

* Fast three hour set with an extended 14-day recoat window

* Superior trowel or spray application with minimum rebound

* Epoxy fortified bonding strength

* Self-priming surfacing, patching and void filler

* Ease of application results in excellent substrate for top coating with a variety of technologies


For more information, call 800-324-2810 or visit

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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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