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Engineered adhesive coated products fit a wide variety of applications.

Combining materials expertise, proprietary adhesive technology and innovative converting capabilities, Oliver Products has developed proven applications in a variety of fields. For example:

* cartridge labels for photographic film

* package materials for disposable medical devices

* smart cards

* packaging materials for copy machine dry toners

* desiccant, super absorbent and other dry chemical pouching materials

* skin scrubs

* food lids

Hot Melt Adhesive Formulations Provide Base

Oliver's product development operates on several levels, beginning with exclusive hot melt adhesive formulations. Formulations are compounded to exhibit properties compatible with specific product requirements, such as porosity and permeability (to allow controlled passage of gases or liquids), controlled peel strength and time, temperature or pressure sealing properties. Hot tack properties can be engineered for automated packaging and assembly. Coating weight can be increased to accommodate rough surfaces. Adhesives are available in heat-sealable and pressure-sensitive formulations and meet U.S.P. toxicity testing and FDA regulations for bio-chemical compatibility.

Technology Based On Dot Pattern Coatings

Hot melt and water-based adhesives are applied by an exclusive process of dot pattern coating. Dot size and density are varied to meet substrate properties, assuring a uniform mechanical bond--regardless of the material or layers involved.

Dot-pattern materials, considered superior to continuous adhesive coatings in many applications, allow a consistent gas/liquid flow between layers. They resist moisture and are less susceptible to delamination. Other Oliver products include extrusion coatings for liquid barriers, antiskid materials and pliable coatings for surgical drapes.

Converting Augments Coating Expertise

Converting capabilities at Oliver include laminating substrates, printing, slitting, sheeting, die cutting, punching and prepress graphics (including print plates). The design and manufacturing of custom application machinery also are available.

In all, Oliver offers a turnkey capability for a broad variety of coating applications.

CONTACT: John Green, Oliver Products Company, 445 Sixth Street, NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Call 1-800-253-3893. Fax: 616-456-5820.
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Title Annotation:10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry; Oliver Products Co.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:May 1, 1992
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