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Engineered Support receives $3.5 M order for Avionics Testing System from US Navy. (News from Washington).

Engineered Support Systems Inc. received a $3.5 M order from the US Navy for the production of aircraft avionics testing subsystems for Consolidated Automated Support Systems (CASS). This order, which represents a modification to a previously awarded contract, includes the production of four High Power Device Test Subsystems (HPDTS) and various Operational Test Program Sets (OPTS) as part of the company's High Power ATE Offload to CASS (HPOC) system. The HPOC system is used to test essential avionics and electronics equipment for military aircraft, according to Michael F. Shanahan, Sr., chairman and CEO.

The HPOC system, developed and manufactured by the company's Systems and Electronics (SEI) subsidiary, allows high power radio frequency transmitters, high voltage power supplies and other critical components of radar and electronic warfare systems on military aircraft to be run at full power during testing. Under these simulated operating conditions, damaged components or poorly functioning systems can then be readily diagnosed and quickly repaired or replaced, thus improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of flight operations. The US Navy and Marine Corps currently deploy the HOPC system on aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships, as well as in their depots and flight training facilities.

When delivered, these four systems will allow testing of High Power Weapon Replaceable Assemblies and Shop Replaceable Assemblies for the following three international customers under the US military's Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program: Australia, Kuwait and Taiwan.

Shanahan commented, "This contract modification brings the total funded contract value for the HPOC program to nearly $67 M, including $35.2 M in production contracts. In addition, we expect to receive the remaining production option under the existing HPOC contract, valued at more than $6 M, in the first quarter of the current fiscal year."

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Comment:Engineered Support receives $3.5 M order for Avionics Testing System from US Navy. (News from Washington).
Publication:Microwave Journal
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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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