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Engineered Seafood Including Surimi.

This book forms the Proceedings of a symposium held in Seattle, Washington, USA in November 1985 and the title of the symposium was the same as that used for the book. More than sixty papers were presented and these detailed the recent advances made in this area of technology.

For instance, when fish 'meat is minced and then washed, water-soluble protein is washed away and the fat and material that will 'ash' float out. This leaves a salt-soluble protein material to which more salt is added, say to 2 to 3 percent, and this material is crushed to give what is known as surimi. This highly elastic material can be blended with seasonings and flavourings then formed, extruded, kneaded and heated to produce a wide variety of different end-products. As far as one can tell, the potential for creating nutritious products from minced fish is in its infancy. So far, it has been used in sausages, luncheon meats, with pasta and cocktail snacks.

There is no easy way to describe such a large text which has been divided into eight parts with general titles: Resource availability, Product and technology development of engineered seafoods, Special panel discussion - emerging technologies for producing surimi, Marketing and economics of surimi-based foods, Regulatory and institutional issues, Equipment and ingredients for engineered seafoods, International roundtable, and Additional references. After looking at the resources available then there is a series of chapters describing the latest techniques in production that are used and the properties and uses of the material so made. The importance of quality is stressed and there are reviews of the market and its potential in various parts of the world. Apart from descriptions of the equipment used, there is also a chapter on the nomenclature that is emerging to cover this whole subject.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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