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Engineer doctrine update.


U.S. Army Maneuver Support C enter
Training and Doctrine Development Department
Doctrine Division, Engineer Branch

Publications Currently Under Revision

FM 3-34          Engineer         Jan 04      This is the engineer
                 Operations                   keystone manual. It
                                              encompasses all engineer
                                              doctrine; integrates the
                                              three engineer functions
                                              of combat, general, and
                                              geospatial engineering;
                                              and addresses engineer
                                              operations across the
                                              entire spectrum of

                                              Status: Published.

Organizational Manuals

FM 3-34.22       Engineer         Pending     This new manual will
(FM 3-34.221)    Operations--     (Jan 05)    encompass engineer
(FM 5-71-2)      Brigade Combat   (Jun 96)    operations in support of
(FM 5.71-3)      Team and Below   (Oct 95)    brigade combat teams
(FM 5-7-30)                       (Dec 94)    (BCTs) (heavy, infantry,
                                              and Stryker-the armored
                                              cavalry regiment) and
                                              their primary subordinate
                                              units (infantry
                                              battalion, Stryker
                                              battalion, combined arms
                                              battalion, and the
                                              reconnaissance squadron).
                                              This manual will
                                              supersede  FM 3-34.221,
                                              FM 5-7-30, FM 5-71-2, and
                                              FM 5-71-3.

                                              Status: Published
                                              February 2009. To be
                                              consolidated into FM 3-34
                                              in 4QFY10.

FM 3-34.23       Engineer         Pending     This is a new manual that
(FM 5-116)       Operations--     (Feb 99)    will encompass engineer
(FM 5-100-15)    Echelons Above   (Jun 95)    operations in support of
(FM 5-71-100)    Brigade Combat   (Apr 93)    all engineer operations
                 Team                         above the BCTs (division,
                                              corps, and theater). The
                                              intent is to consolidate
                                              and revise three engineer
                                              FMs that provide
                                              doctrinal guidance for
                                              the entire spectrum of
                                              engineer operations
                                              supporting echelons above
                                              the BCT level. This
                                              manual will supersede FM
                                              5-71-100, FM 5-100-15,
                                              and FM 5-116.

                                              Status: To be published
                                              in 4QFY09. To be
                                              consolidated into FM 3-34
                                              in 4QFY10.

Combat Engineering

FM 3-90.11       Combined Arms    Aug 00      This is a full revision,
(FM 3-34.2)      Mobility                     to include renaming and
                 Operations                   renumbering of FM 334.2,
                                              Combined Arms Breaching
                                              Operations. Changes in
                                              the force structure have
                                              required adjustment of
                                              the tactics, techniques,
                                              and procedures (TTP)
                                              associated with breaching
                                              and clearance operations.
                                              The United States Marine
                                              Corps (USMC) plans to
                                              adopt this manual as

                                              Status: To be published
                                              in 4QFY10.

FM 3-90.13       Combined Arms    Pending     This revised manual will
(FM 5-102)       Obstacle         (Sept 94)   contain the basic
(FM 90-7)        Integration      (Mar 85)    fundamentals associated
                                              with counter mobility
                                              operations and will
                                              incorporate aspects of
                                              the contemporary
                                              operating environment
                                              (COE) and full spectrum
                                              operations, along with
                                              emerging doctrine on
                                              networked munitions.

                                              Status: On hold for
                                              release of FM 3-90,

FM 3-34.300      Survivability    Jun 85      This manual provides
(FM 5-103)                                    survivability information
                                              needed by commanders and
                                              staffs at the tactical
                                              level. It includes
                                              guidance on integrating
                                              survivability into
                                              planning and orders
                                              production and creation
                                              of the engineer running
                                              estimate. It provides
                                              examples of a
                                              capabilities card,
                                              matrix, and timeline to
                                              assist with the planning,
                                              revision, and conduct of
                                              specific survivability
                                              tasks. The USMC plans to
                                              adopt this manual as

                                              Status: On hold; no
                                              rewrite date projected.

FM 334.400       General          Nov 86      This manual describes the
(FM 5.104)       Engineering                  operational environment
                                              (OE) and how to apply and
                                              integrate general
                                              engineering principles in
                                              support of full spectrum
                                              operations. It focuses on
                                              the establishment and
                                              maintenance of lines of
                                              communication and
                                              engineer support to
                                              sustainment operations
                                              throughout the area of
                                              operations. Although not
                                              designated as a
                                              publication, it is
                                              intended to inform all
                                              Service components of the
                                              types of general
                                              engineering tasks,
                                              planning considerations,
                                              the variety of units
                                              available to perform
                                              them, and the
                                              capabilities of Army
                                              engineers to accomplish
                                              them. The USMC
                                              designation will be added
                                              to this manual.

                                              Status: Published 9
                                              December 2008.

General Engineering

FM 3-34.410      Design of        Aug 94;     This manual will serve as
Volumes I & II   Theater of       Sep 94      a reference for engineer
(FM 5-430-00-1   Operations                   planners in support
& 5-430-00-2)    Roads,                       of joint and theater
                 Airfields, and               operations (TO) in the
                 Helipads                     design of roads,
                                              airfields, and helipads.
                                              It is currently dual-
                                              designated with the Air
                                              Force. The Air Force (as
                                              well as the Navy and
                                              USMC) plans to adopt the
                                              new manual also.

                                              Status: Pending
                                              completion of drainage

FM 3-34.451      Materials        Dec 92      This manual will provide
(FM 5-472)       Testing                      technical information for
                                              obtaining samples and
                                              performing  engineering
                                              tests and calculations on
                                              soils, bituminous paving
                                              mixtures, and concrete.
                                              For use in military
                                              construction. The test
                                              procedures and
                                              terminology will conform
                                              to the latest methods and
                                              specifications of the
                                              American Society for
                                              Testing and Materials
                                              (ASTM), the American
                                              Concrete Institute (ACI),
                                              and the Portland Cement
                                              Association (PCA), with
                                              alternate field testing
                                              methods and sampling
                                              techniques when complete
                                              lab facilities are
                                              unavailable or
                                              impractical to use. The
                                              USMC plans to adopt this
                                              manual as well.

                                              Status: Preparing final
                                              approved draft: to be
                                              published in 1QFY10.

FM 3-34.465      Quarry           Mar 05;     This manual outlines the
(FM 3-34.465     Operations       Dec 03      methods and procedures
& FM 3-34.468)                    (Apr 94)    used in the exploration
                                              for and operation of pits
                                              and quarries. It provides
                                              information on equipment
                                              required for operating
                                              pits and quarries and for
                                              supplying crushed mineral
                                              products, but does not
                                              cover the operation of
                                              the stated types of
                                              equipment. This is a
                                              collaborative effort with
                                              the Navy and Air Force
                                              and includes the newest
                                              technologies and current

                                              Status: Preparing Volume
                                              II. Initial draft
                                              staffing of both volumes
                                              in 1QFY10.

FM 3-34.469      Multi-Service    Mar 94      This manual is a guide
(FM 5-484)       Well Drilling                for planning, designing,
                 Operations                   and drilling wells. It
                                              focuses on techniques and
                                              procedures for installing
                                              wells and includes
                                              expedient methods for
                                              digging shallow water
                                              wells, such as hand-dug
                                              wells. This collaborative
                                              effort with the Navy, Air
                                              Force, and USMC includes
                                              the newest technologies,
                                              current practices, and
                                              revised formulas.

                                              Status: Estimated date
                                              for posting to Army
                                              Knowledge Online (AKO) is

FM 3-34.485      Firefighting     Feb 99      This manual gives
(FM 5-415)       Operations                   directions on deploying
                                              and using engineer
                                              firefighting teams. These
                                              teams provide fire
                                              aircraft crash/rescue,
                                              natural cover, and
                                              hazardous material
                                              (HAZMAT) (incident)
                                              responses within a TO.
                                              This is a parallel effort
                                              with the revision of the
                                              firefighting Army
                                              regulation (AR) to bring
                                              both policy and doctrine
                                              current with required
                                              certifications, newest
                                              technologies, and current

                                              Status: Initiating the
                                              program directive and
                                              developing the initial

FM 3-34.500      Environmental    Jun 00      This manual provides
(FM 3-100.4)     Considerations               environmental protection
                 in Military                  procedures during all
                 Operations                   types of operations. It
                                              states the purposes of
                                              military environmental
                                              protection, a description
                                              of legal requirements,
                                              and a summary of current
                                              military programs. It
                                              also describes how to
                                              apply risk management
                                              methods to identify
                                              actions that may harm the
                                              environment and
                                              appropriate steps to
                                              prevent or mitigate

                                              Status: Estimated date
                                              for posting to AKO is

Geospatial Engineering

FM 334.600       Geospatial       3 Aug 00    This full revision of FM
(FM 3-34-230)    Operations                   334.230, Geospatial
                                              Operations, will
                                              incorporate changes as a
                                              result of FM 3-34,
                                              Engineer Operations, and
                                              FM 3-0, Operations.
                                              Geospatial engineering
                                              consists of engineer
                                              capabilities and
                                              activities that
                                              contribute to a clear
                                              understanding of the
                                              physical environment by
                                              providing geospatial
                                              information and service
                                              to commanders and staffs.

                                              Status: Estimated date
                                              for posting to AKO is

NOTES: Current engineer publications can be accessed and downloaded
in electronic format from the Reimer Digital Library at
<> or the MSKN website at
<>. The manuals discussed
in this article are currently under development. Drafts may be
obtained during the staffing process or by contacting the engineer
doctrine branch at: Commercial 573-563-0003, DSN 676-0003, or
<>. The development status of these
manuals was current as of 10 February 2009.
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