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Engineer Support Area (ESA) Live Fire. (CTC Notes).

For several years, the brigade support area (BSA) has conducted a defensive training event during the live-fire rotation. Other separate support elements have also had live-fire training events. Though these events have always been important, the asymmetrical threat posed by the COE has demonstrated the necessity of all elements. Throughout the depth of the brigade's area of operations, it is necessary to maintain a high level of protection. Starting this year, Force XXI unit ESAs and units with separate unit maintenance collection points can also take part in a live-fire defensive training scenario.

When reacting to a mounted and dismounted threat within the brigade rear boundary, units must defend their perimeter from a combination of light armored vehicles, dismounted soldiers, and aerial attacks. Units are required to analyze intelligence reports from higher headquarters, raise their readiness posture, and defend their perimeter from prepared fighting positions using individual and crew-served weapons, sector sketches, and fire control measures. As units defend their perimeter, they must evacuate casualties and conduct ammunition redistribution and resupply. This scenario gives soldiers greater confidence in their weapons proficiency and an ability to defend themselves from an attack.

Units wishing to take part in this training must meet the following requirements:

* They must request the ESA live fire in their 180-day letter to the NTC.

* Firing soldiers must have qualified on assigned weapons within 180 days of the live-fife event.

* They must complete the Dragon Team live-fire safety brief.

* Soldiers must be in flak vests and proper field uniforms.

* M2s must be screened according to the ROE, Chapter 3.

* They must complete a minimum of hasty fighting positions to standard for the firing soldiers.

* Fighting positions must have aiming stakes with methods to limit elevated fifes over 45 degrees.

This event also requires resources from the brigade rotational ammunition allocation that is equivalent to the amount of Class V supplies currently used by engineers involved in the BSA live fire.

Units should coordinate for the ESA live fire with the Sidewinder Team at Fort Irwin during the leadership training program or in the brigade 180-day letter.

The ESA live fire gives rotational units a tremendous opportunity to focus on total unit protection and provide their soldiers realistic live-fire training.
Suggested Ammunition Allocation

Department of
Defense iden- Number of
tification Code Nomenclature Weapon Rounds

A557 .50-caliber 4:1 (M2) M2, 300 rounds
 .50-caliber per M2
A059 or A064 5.56-millimeter ball M16 40 rounds per
 5.56-millimeter 4:1 firing soldier
A062 5.56 4:1 squad auto- SAW 200 rounds
 matic weapon (SAW) per SAW
A131 7.62-millimeter 4:1 240B 200 rounds
 per 240B

POCs are MAJ Gerald O'Connor, (760) 380-7270 or DSN 470-7270, ore-mall; and CPT Thomas D. Patton, (760) 380-5163 or DSN 470-5163, or e-mail
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Author:Major O'Connor, Gerald; Captain Patton, Thomas D.
Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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