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Engagement Skills Trainer 2000.


ALL Soldiers train on the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 before they ever ire a live round. The life-sized, life-like simulator provides marksmanship training to Soldiers through hundreds of interactive vignettes, ranging from military police procedures to maritime force protection scenarios and full-on combat operations.

The EST 2000, a virtual marksmanship trainer, provides a critical capability for leaders to train Soldiers. The training device provides Soldiers the opportunity to learn what's right, make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Leaders can also measure performance, and then work on areas that need focus.

The EST 2000 provides safe and cost-effective training. And while the Army has avoided millions of dollars in costs through its use of the EST 2000, the true value of virtual marksmanship is that it allows a Soldier to conduct training leading to weapon proficiency, combat effectiveness and ultimately, survivability on the modern battlefield. A high percentage of Soldiers who train using a virtual marksmanship trainer will qualify the first time they go to a live-ire range.

In 2001, Program Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation started providing marksmanship training via the EST 2000 and the program quickly gained momentum. Then in 2006, the Army recognized the importance and effectiveness of this training program and the EST 2000 became a critical part of the Army's marksmanship training strategy, such that Soldiers spend at least eight hours training on this virtual device before they undergo live gunnery training.

Today, more than 750 EST 2000s are training Soldiers across the globe, including those in combat zones. The EST 2000 also trains law enforcement officials and allied armies.

--PEO for Simulation, Training & Instrumentation

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