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Energy reliability for a better bottom line. (Energy Resources & Management).

Over the past two years, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has offered a Peak-Load Reduction Program to reduce electric-power costs and improve electric-system reliability. Incentives to customers help offset costs to implement demand-reduction strategies to reduce summer peak-load demand in New York State, particularly in New York City. The program consists of multiple components, including:

* Permanent Demand-Reduction Efforts

* Short-Duration Load-Curtailment Measures

* Dispatchable Emergency-Generator Initiatives

* Interval Meters

The 2003 summer Peak-Load Reduction Program (PON 733-02) will be released this fall. Check NYSERDA's website for updated information -- Eligible participants must be capable of developing electric demand-reduction projects and implementing all necessary measures. Applicants are encouraged to aggregate facilities before applying for these incentives.

Participants must be SBC-eligible electric distribution system customers of New York State's investor-owned utilities. Applicants should check PON 733-02 for eligibility requirements.

Permanent Demand-Reduction Efforts result in long-term customer demand reductions as well as overall coincident-system peak-demand reduction. Eligible measures include, but are not limited to, operation and maintenance improvements, energy-management system upgrades, advanced metering, controls, and scheduling improvements.

Short-Duration Load-Curtailment measures result in reduced peak demand at times of capacity shortfall in response to a communication sent from either the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) or a transmission owner. Eligible measures-include, but are not limited to, load shedding; load shifting, direct-load control, and peak-shaving strategies.

Dispatchable Emergency-Generator Initiatives result in reduced system demand at times of capacity shortfall by allowing existing emergency generator owners to off-load some or all of their electrical needs by operating their generators. Eligible measures include critical dispatching of certain eligible emergency generators in response to a specific NYISO signal, testing and tuning emergency generators, rewiring circuits, installing transfer switchgear, environmental permitting; selective use of catalytic-reduction technologies, stack modifications, operational improvements; low-sulfur fuel use; and advanced dual-fuel options.

Interval Meters result in electric-load reductions through the purchase and installation of Interval Meters by customers allowing for participation in load reduction programs such as the NYISO's demand response programs, a transmission owner's load-reduction program or other load-management programs offered by Load-Serving Entities (LSEs) or Curtailment-Service Providers (CSPs), including real-time pricing. Interval Meters eligible under this program must be installed on main electrical feeds (i.e. utility service entrance or master meter point), individual systems (i.e. large electric chillers), or equipment that could be reasonably curtailed in an emergency, or on emergency-generator equipment.
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Date:Oct 2, 2002
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