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Energy management for blow moulders.

Energy management services for bottle producers and bottlers are the first in a series of ECO-branded economic and environmental products from Sidel.

ECO EIT (Efficiency Improvement Tool) is a new module for the EIT supervisory system which uses measurement equipment to record data about energy consumption for a machine, a zone, an entire line or the whole plant. It correlates between consumption levels and the different steps of production: start-up, effective production, product change-over, cleaning, shutdown, etc and generates reports showing the costs of the energy resources used.

ECO Booster is an analysis service for users of SBO Series1, Series2 and Universal blow moulding machines. It starts with an audit of the machine, measuring electricity consumption, air pressure and leaks, and mechanical testing on all sub-assemblies. The service includes checks on the process, the quality of the blow air and cooling water and the environment in which the machine is operating. Based on the audit the potential for energy and cost savings is estimated, along with the return on investment for the proposed corrective actions.
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Title Annotation:blow moulding
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Feb 1, 2010
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