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Energy firm identifies millions in untapped energy savings.

ConsumerPowerline, a strategic energy asset management firm, says that it has identified millions of dollars in untapped energy savings for consumers in New York and around the country.

Additionally, the company announced that it has launched a free, online tool to empower large-scale energy consumers to calculate potential revenue generation/savings opportunities for themselves. The tool, called the Revenue Estimator (TM] can be found online at

The Revenue Estimator is a tool that enables end-users to quickly and easily calculate how much revenue they can generate per year, through participation in an established electricity incentive program called Emergency Demand Response.

Based on a recent analysis, ConsumerPowerline estimates that each year more than $631 million in demand response dollars are left on the table nationally; of that, about $136 million of those demand response dollars are untapped and available to New York area energy consumers alone.

Emergency Demand response provides financial incentives to large energy users in New York and most other states, including California, Massachusetts and Connecticut, for curtailing small amounts of their nonessential capacity use during peak periods-such as when a weather-related power outage looms.

The energy that is saved can then be redistributed throughout the electricity grid to help reduce the threat of blackouts and brownouts, while limiting the need to switch on costly 'peaking' power plants that increase dependence on foreign oil, and potentially raise electricity rates for consumers.

Energy Consumers who participate in demand response programs typically volunteer to shut off non-essential lighting and unused elevator banks, and to "pre-cool" a building during an "energy event", which often occurs in the afternoon of an extremely hot day. But the cold weather months also bring their own opportunities to increase system-wide reliability and generate new revenues.

"As winter approaches, companies are increasingly looking for innovative ways to manage their electricity costs while protecting system reliability " said Richard Berger, vice president of marketing at ConsumerPowerline.

"Demand Response programs can not only take the bite out of energy bills for our clients, they are also a way to help give back to New York, and other states, by creating increased reliability for the electric grid and helping avert costly blackouts. Now with our Revenue Estimator, we're literally putting the power to determine energy savings and to make a difference for others, in the hands of energy users," he said.

The new Revenue Estimator allows energy users to estimate how much revenue could be earned per year simply by entering how many kilowatts they use and the square footage of the property.

For example, if a 1-million square foot commercial building uses 4 megawatts of electricity during peak hours, the energy user could receive estimated annual revenue of approximately $31,500 a year.

The revenue calculator is currently designed for the New York market, but the firm can provide a custom calculation for large energy end-users in other parts of the country. "The Revenue Estimator is a easy-to-use tool that shows people in black and white just how much they could be earning, by managing their energy consumption a little more efficiently," said Berger.

"With so much in potential demand response revenues on the table for energy users, and with utility prices a significant part of the cost of doing business, we hope end users will make the move to earn their piece of the pie," he said.

The New York demand response market remains the most lucrative market in the country, and ConsumerPowerline is the largest, non-utility provider of demand response services in the U.S. Over the past few years, the company has paid out more than $18 million to its clients through their participation in this market, but now its Revenue Estimator gives end-users an immediate way to calculate potential savings.

ConsumerPowerline has an established record of working with some of the nation's leading commercial, residential and industrial property owners to manage their participation in the local electricity markets, and has helped its clients turn their energy consumption into a recurring revenue source.
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Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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