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Energy drink CEO pays $1.2 million for old schoolhouse.

Brian Winn, director and cofounder of Zipfizz Corporation, makers of an energy drink in Mill Creek, Washington, has paid retired Chelan businessman John Anderson $1.2 million for the old schoolhouse in Lakeside facing Lake Chelan.

In an exclusive interview with the Wenatchee Business Journal, Winn said "the Lakeside Schoolhouse is a multi-family project. Our goal is to set roots in the Chelan community and one day retire there with passive income generated from our investment in both the building and the community. The fact that this will be generational for my family was the positive turning point in the friendly purchase negotiation with Mr. John Anderson (previous owner), Winn said. Although Zipfizz will sponsor select local events (Chelan Rotary --Century Challenge/Cycle De Vine, the Chelan Chamber and the annual Firelight Gala, etc.) and at times sample our Zipfizz healthy energy mixes, the renovation/ restoration and repurposing of the Schoolhouse is a personal endeavor," Winn said.

"Along with our five kids and Great Dane (Santos), my wife Amanda and I share a second home within the Lookout in Chelan. From age 10, I grew up a few weeks each summer vacationing at Darnell's [Lake Resort] and many years later transitioned to Peterson's waterfront. My immediate and extended family have such an appreciation for the City and the amenities that give so many locals and coasties alike memorable experiences!" Winn said.


"It's our plan with the Lakeside Schoolhouse to add to the memorable experiences shared by families in Chelan. We will keep the existing Schoolhouse brick building and footprint intact, yet will explore a combination of restoring and renovating the interior to give way to an inviting space for families and friends to be social, listen to music, play games and, of course, partake in a cold beer or glass of wine. An onsite restaurant is planned for dining and a rentable venue for parties, groups and local events will be available. It's an exciting process and we can't wait to be one more great resource for the Chelan community!" Winn said.

Winn said that "inspections are progressing--there are many stages to conquer and we will be diligent on forward progress ... we have begun inspections to determine the options of partial interior renovations and restorations."

Winn intends for ZipFizz to "support the community in select Healthy Lifestyle events that have ties to mind and/or body." He also said, "It's our belief that with community support we will be open by summer 2017."

"Brian Winn Co-founded Zipfizz Corporation in 2003 and serves as president and CEO of Prior to Zipfizz, Winn served as President of NIM Nutraceutical Labs and was responsible for operations and new business development and helped build the online sales network into one of the industry's leaders. He served as vice president of Micrologic, where he successfully grew the online sales by double digits in just a few short years. Earlier, he was VP of A&A Publications, where he oversaw advertising sales and in-store distribution. Winn holds a Bachelor's degree from Pacific Lutheran University," according to, a leading analytical business website.

Zipfizz is available online via Amazon and also via traditional brick and mortar retailers like Wabnart.

Unlike Redbull, Rockstar or other brand-name drinks, Zipfizz has no sugar, but does have caffeine and a huge shot of vitamin B12.
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Author:Begin, Gary
Publication:Wenatchee Business Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2016
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