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Energy and Environmental Trading: U.S. Law and Taxation.

Cameron may Ltd. (London) has published "Energy and Environmental Trading: U.S. Law and Taxation, a new book that discusses recent significant market, regulatory and legal development related to the ongoing expansion of energy and environmental trading in the world's financial markets. The book covers new energy and environmental markets and their developing framework of corporate, regulatory, tax and financial law and includes information on topics ranging from the fall-out from Enron's bankruptcy and the near demise of energy merchant trading, the expansion of energy and environmental trading, and contractual frameworks that address such issues as climate change. It also covers: deregulation efforts and consequences; trading contracts; weather derivatives and weather insurance; force majeure case law; renewable energy credits; hedge fund trading in the energy markets; securities litigation; income tax issues; and, selling production tax credits. The new book costs $250.
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Title Annotation:Financial
Publication:Legal Publisher
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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