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Energy Watch North America.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Energy Watch North America) May 27, 2012

Florida Ice & Farm Want sustainable success? Put some skin in the game. Companies that hope to foster eco-innovation should link top executives' compensation to their success at meeting key goals, says Florida Ice & Farm CEO Ramn Mendiola Snchez. Mendiola has tied two-thirds of his paycheck to a "triple bottom line" scorecard, helping to drive the company toward full waste, water and carbon neutrality. "By using incentives, we motivate our employees at every level to get creative and invent frugal and sustainable ways to deliver significantly more value to all our stakeholders," he explains. May 25, 2012

General Services Administration Lawmakers question federal use of updated LEED standards. LEED rules set to take effect in July include a focus on avoiding "chemicals of concern" -- prompting 56 House lawmakers to ask the General Services Administration to consider using other ratings systems. "We are deeply concerned that the LEED rating system is becoming a tool to punish chemical companies and plastics makers," the lawmakers wrote. The U.S. Green Building Council, which administers LEED, says that its guidelines take into account all parties, including manufacturers. May 23, 2012

Hawthorne Global Aviation New Private Jet Gateway to U.S. With Convenient Access to New York City. Hawthorne Global Aviation today announced that it has opened a new private jet gateway to the U.S., providing international travelers with a convenient new option for travel to the New York City metro area. The Hawthorne Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) in Islip, New York is co-located with ExcelAire, a premier provider of aircraft management, charter and maintenance services. Hawthorne announced these new international services here at EBACE 2012, the European business aviation conference. The new Hawthorne FBO includes onsite U.S. customs clearance, competitive fuel pricing, extensive maintenance capabilities, full concierge services for passengers and crews, along with helicopter service to New York City, the Hamptons and other popular destinations. Hawthorne also announced plans to add up to 32,000 square feet of hangar and office space to the FBO at MacArthur Airport, with space to accommodate the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and the latest generation of other ultra-long-range business jets, including the Gulfstream 650, Falcon 7x and Bombardier Global 6000, 7000 and 8000. A choice for all seasons, deicing and hangar space are also available for aircraft using Hawthorne's services. May 22, 2012

Pinterest How Whole Foods is making the most of Pinterest. Whole Foods Market is setting an example restaurants can follow in their quest to effectively market on Pinterest, writes Punch Mobile Marketing's Sara Petersen. "Whole Foods rarely promotes its products; instead it shows customers all the things they can do with the groceries they buy from its stores," she writes. May 25, 2012

Rocky Mountain Institute Expert: Military innovation can end U.S. reliance on fossil fuels. Military innovation and private enterprise can spur faster adoption of technologies that will help end the country's dependence on fossil fuels, according to Amory Lovins, an expert on energy policy at the Rocky Mountain Institute. The military's realization that "energy inefficiency was a major source of casualty and mission risk" is a key driver in the shift toward alternative sources of energy, Lovins noted. May 25, 2012

StormWind Why great IT training is all about keeping it lean. The best IT training approach is tightly focused, time-efficient and painless for staffers, according to Tom Graunke, founder of training firm StormWind. Graunke recommends a strict "need to know" approach of creating succinct, visually appealing training sessions that feature actual teachers instead of e-learning modules. May 25, 2012

SunRun Can SunRun sell solar panels by mocking green?. Home-solar company SunRun's advertising gently ribs the environmentally minded for their flax-seed munching, bike-riding ways. The firm aims to convince homeowners that solar can save them money regardless of whether they're dyed-in-the-wool environmentalists. "[T]he campaign is an implicit acknowledgment that combating climate change is an intrinsically hard sell," notes Joanna Foster. May 22, 2012

United Airlines, Boeing Midwest Aviation Group Forms to Promote Biofuel Development . A group made up of airlines and energy technology companies have formed the Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative (MASBI), which is designed to advance aviation biofuel development in a 12-state region. United Airlines, Boeing, the Chicago Department of Aviation and the Clean Energy Trust announced the creation of the new group. The MASBI will evaluate the biofuel potential of the region. The MASBI Advisory Council includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of the Navy, other federal agencies, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions. "In just a few short years, aviation biofuels have developed from a hopeful vision of the future to an exciting reality of more than 1,500 passenger flights flown with advanced biofuels," said Jimmy Samartzis, managing director of Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability for United. Agriculture remains an important part of the economy for many Midwestern states. The Midwest also offers excellent academic institutions. MASBI Steering Committee members view the region as critical for biofuel development. Airlines operating in the Midwest transport more than 234 million passengers and consume nearly three billion gallons of jet fuel annually. Organization stakeholders are developing a feasibility study and an action plan to advance the biofuels industry in the Midwest. "Initially, MASBI will evaluate Midwest feedstock options, commercialization requirements and opportunities, logistics and infrastructure needs, and regional policy measures," said James Rekoske, vice president and general manager for Renewable Energy and Chemicals at Honeywell's UOP. It will make recommendations based on the results of those findings. The U.S. aviation industry consumers more than 20 billion gallons of fuel each year. May 23, 2012

Western Wind Energy, Alterra Acquisitions show that wind power market is for buyers. Western Wind Energy and Alterra Power's recent acquisitions of several wind projects in no-cash deals indicate that prices are falling in the wind power market, writes Tom Konrad. Both companies acquired the projects at discount prices and will be paying for them in shares and royalties, Konrad notes. The deals show that even "without cash and at a discount, buyers can pick and choose wind farms they want to develop," Konrad adds. May 22, 2012 1939-666X

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