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Energy Medicine and Spinal Care.

Many spinal care patients are curious about how the subtle approach to spinal care, in conjunction with their mindset and spiritual practices, will influence their physical well being. Why, they ask, when they are barely and gently touched on the skull and spine, did the tension and discomfort begin to decrease if not release completely? They say, when my chiropracter held my neck, my lower back got hot, then all of a sudden, the pain went away. Why, simply by my feet being held, did I become so emotional? When my practitioner mentioned my job, my body started to hurt more. Why?

These questions are reflective of today's health paradigm based on people's unrested inner quest for personal and meaningful healing. Ancient healing modalities are resurging and malting their way into the forefront of medicine. One in particular, named by today's scientific community "Energy Medicine" is being researched, implemented and recognized both worldwide and also by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine as having positive impact and effect on regenerating health in the body/mind and spirit of people.

The term "energy" is described by many traditions from all over the world as a matrix of subtle electromagnetic fields that flow within, outside, and around the human body. This energy is called in China chi, prana in India and Tibet, yesod in the Jewish cabalistic tradition, Ki in Japan, barakas by the Sufis, waken by the Lakotas, orenca by the Iroquois and the Holy Spirit in Christianity In the past century, the Chiropractic field has called this energy healing approach "vitalistic healing." Just recently, science has begun to consider prayer to be a complement to allopathic medicine; prayer itself belongs to the realm of Energy Medicine. In the field of mental health, Energy Psychology is sought after for its influences on active memory recall and repatterning. Maybe the East is finally meeting the West, medically!

There seems to be a common ground between western and eastern medical philosophies that is shaping today's search for connections between body, mind and spirit: finding a healing system that will integrate these layers of our existence. Our western health paradigm focuses mostly on the molecular design of our existence (physical dimension) and its effect on healthy living. The eastern paradigm disciplines itself in the understanding of consciousness (the subtle dimension) and how the mind influences our well being. Together they bridge the seen and the unseen worlds of life, the physical with the spiritual. They are both ancient and contemporary in their discoveries, bringing to today's medicine the necessary ingredients for a more comprehensive and wholesome health care paradigm. Thus, integration of all sciences is needed. The integration of the fields of Chiropractic and Cranial Sacral Therapy, which I call Spinal Care, combined with Energy Medicine, lends to a powerful marriage of natural healing methodologies that are designed to listen into the seen (the body) and the unseen (mental, emotional and spiritual) world's of people. The blending and focus of these healing modalities, allows for our vital energy, (spirit) to re-orient and organize itself throughout the human body and energy. systems. It is by way of the nervous system that our life energy, can distribute itself to all tissue within the body.

How does the nervous system participate in the flow of vital energy?

The nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord, titled the central nervous system. From the spinal cord, nerves branch out, reaching all tissue throughout the body. This system is called the peripheral nervous system. Biologists have revealed that there is a fluid called the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that flows within and around the brain and spinal cord and nourishes, protects, and controls electrolytes. The electrolytes are said to determine the conduction of electricity over the nerves. When the electrical conduction on nerve pathways is impeded by bony structures, soft tissue inflammation, dehydration, chemical imbalances, toxicity and/or emotional traumas, the flow of CSF is altered. This distorted flow changes the electrical amplitude and volume of nerve impulses (vitality) along specific sites of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves where trauma set in. It is easy to grasp the mechanics of biological and chemical impediments on nerves, but how can emotions and thoughts create similar disruptions within the nervous system and all other systems in our body?

First we need to investigate the nature of energy and its influence on the human body. The word "energy" is a term that is widely used in the natural healing community with a nebulous understanding. Constantly in movement, energy is vibrational frequencies that travel on filaments of ether and are directed by focus and intent. Prana (a light particle attached to an oxygen molecule) fuels the energy fields by the way we breathe, allowing for prana to make its way into each cell of the body.

The vibrations that constitute thoughts and emotions, enter the body via energy centers called the chakras. These seven centers are located along the spinal cord where there is an increase in volume of nerve ganglia and plexus plus endocrine glands. The CSF is found to be greater in volume where the chakras are identified. The subtle energy fields that these energetic centers create around various sections of the skull and spine, distribute electrical and magnetic vitality to the nerves, endocrine system, blood circulation, immune system, and all organs in the body. The perceptions we carry about ourselves, others, and life create a tone throughout the body, in the form of tension. There is healthy tension that to which the body adapts and there is tension that overwhelms the nervous system into tension patterns.

When prolonged tension from physical and emotional traumas exists, it forms disruptive energy patterns inside and outside the body's energy fields. These disruptive energy patterns lodge themselves in the tissue along the spinal cord and brain, creating stress throughout the musculoskeletal systems. This alters and distorts the natural energy flow in our biology. The distortion is experienced as head, neck and back discomforts, digestive problems, decreased blood circulation, immune dysfunction, and the like. The tension patterns also bring about emotional distress and mental anguish such as anxiety, depression, disassociation, hopelessness, and resignation.

The integration of Energy Medicine and Spinal Care, brings a depth of healing that awakens the spirit in the body to soar towards health. Through a gentle and subtle touch, the human body responds and serf-organizes. The focal intent on listening to the language of the energy patterns within the body, brings a shift both psychologically and soulfully to patients.

Dr. Fernan Poulin has been involved with Energy Medicine for over twenty years, incorporating it into his spinal care practice, spiritual coaching and teaching in Roswell, Georgia. For information about his classes, newly released Chakra Meditation CD or his one year training program in Energy Medicine beginning in September, call 770-998-8909 or visit his website
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