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Energy Efficient Air Cooler PLUS Can Trim Summer Electricity Bills for Homes and Businesses.

Advanced Energy Saving Air Cooler Technology Reduces Reliance on Expensive Air Conditioning

CANTON, Ohio, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The new waterless Air Cooler PLUS is designed to provide energy saving air cooling for people seeking relief from summer's heat while minimizing the time they run their air conditioning systems.

Great for the home or office, the new Air Cooler PLUS differs from conventional air coolers because it requires no water to cool air. Air Cooler PLUS provides effective cooling in all climates for pennies a day. Air Cooler PLUS is an excellent energy saving air cooling appliance on its own - as it delivers cool air only where needed - and can reduce reliance on expensive central air conditioning as well as window-mounted or vented portable air conditioners.

Air Cooler PLUS was developed by International Home Shopping. IHS markets innovative home products for better living. Air Cooler PLUS represents new "green" thinking that fits with America's growing awareness about the need to conserve energy, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and trim electricity bills.

Air Cooler PLUS can be operated for about the same cost as burning one 60-watt light bulb. The efficient fan pulls air through a patent-pending cooling chamber featuring two high-density gel ice packs, providing relief in even the muggiest weather for only 12 cents per day. Filled with advanced HD-Ice(TM), each gel pack offers more cooling than conventional ice packs. The cooled air flows through a special dry HEPA filter.

While Air Cooler PLUS needs only 62 watts of electricity, central air conditioning requires 4,500 watts, a window AC unit consumes 4,300 watts, and a simple room fan needs 650 watts.

Air Cooler PLUS turns off automatically to save energy, and can be set for 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-hour periods.

Weighing less than 25 pounds, Air Cooler PLUS is portable, and easier to move than window or vented portable air conditioners.

In addition to energy saving air cooling, Air Cooler PLUS was developed in response to the drawbacks associated with water-based evaporative coolers. Air Cooler PLUS requires no water, and it will not develop the "swamp cooler" smell produced by evaporative coolers.

Air Cooler PLUS can be ordered online through Cost is $189 and includes free shipping and a discounted cost of $169 for any additional units ordered after the first one.

CONTACT: Beth Inboden, +1-330-494-4282, for International Home Shopping

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Date:Jun 15, 2009
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