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Energy Eco Chain Launches ET Hybrid Blockchain To Enhance Enterprise-Level Asset Digitization And Application Development Platform Experience.

Earlier today, Energy Eco Chain (EEC) held a press conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, where they announced the official launch of their ET hybrid blockchain and digital wallet. Launching two months ahead of schedule, the ET hybrid blockchain aims to provide an enhanced enterprise-level asset digitization and application development platform experience.

The launch saw a total of 100 attendees comprising of business leaders from all over Asia, senior Indonesian Government officials and entrepreneurs across various industry verticals such as finance, IT, energy supply chain and manufacturing.

At the launch, EEC also received several interests for cooperation by potential partners to develop their very own customized blockchain applications on the ET hybrid chain. With the launch of the ET hybrid blockchain, EEC hopes to develop a stronger presence in Asia and extend their platform to more partners in the region.

'In contrast to the Blockchain 1.0 such as the likes of Bitcoin Network and Blockchain 2.0 - Ethereum, ET hybrid chain technology has three advanced features that can be categorized as an evolution into Blockchain 3.0.'

The ET hybrid chain provides flexible and customized smart contracts, which includes assets digitization, financial management and distributed assets trading.

It also boasts a comprehensive digital asset security system, which includes a multi-signature function to the digital wallets, which also means that multiple decision-makers are able to co-manage the digital assets together. The digital assets will be owned by enterprises instead of individuals.

The chain also incorporates a customized enterprise approval process function, which reduces the chances of human error and fraud. If a holder of a private key cannot perform his or her responsibilities, the security system will provide protection and recovery mechanisms for the enterprise digital assets.

The ET hybrid chain is also equipped with effective scalabilities. Based on the hybrid blockchain's underlying technology architecture, it possesses both characteristics of both public and private blockchains. In a public state, basic data can be easily transmitted and processed securely and transparently.

Contrastingly when the blockchain is in a private state, sensitive and financial data can be securely protected. In addition to the privacy protection, private blockchains also increase process speed and effectiveness.

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Publication:The President Post (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Date:Apr 30, 2018
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