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Energizer Battery Co.

Energizer Battery Co.

533 Maryville University Dr., St. Louis, Mo. 63141

Phone: (800) 383-7323 Fax: (314) 985-2200

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Key contact: Lou Martire, vice president of trade development

ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Energizer Battery Co. is bringing back the Energizer Bunny--long a symbol associated with power and the "keep going" spirit--and in a big way.

For the past two years the well-known rabbit has been spinning his yarn in battery ads. Now he and his messages will be better known than ever before. The company has found that the Bunny is an instant cue to shoppers as to where they can purchase Energizer batteries, notes Lou Martire, vice president of trade development.

"With that in mind, we super-sized the Bunny on our packaging and merchandising to make him stand out," Martire points out.

The company also has invested $68 million in an advertising campaign, called "Keep Going." The undertaking will include putting the Energizer Bunny on billboards, taxicabs, bus shelters and skyscrapers from California to New York to highlight the spirit and determination of people who keep going, according to the supplier. It notes that both Energizer and the Energizer Bunny honor those who defy the odds, overcome obstacles and always strive to do their best.

The campaign's launch included 30-second and 15-second television advertising spots. Each advertisement celebrated an individual who keeps going. "For those that never quit, the battery that never quits. Energizer--keep going," an announcer exclaims as the Energizer Bunny appears on the TV screen.

The new spots feature: a tireless mother of six who makes it through her chaotic day; a postal worker who brings new meaning to "through wind, rain, sleet or snow," and an exhausted surfer who recovers from a wipeout only to get back on his surfboard.

"We couldn't focus on the Keep Going campaign without the Energizer Bunny," Martire is quick to point out. "It is inextricably linked with the keep going message.

"We decided to focus squarely on the assets that were uniquely ours. This campaign evolves the notion of keep going and going and going, it brings the essence of our brand--perseverance and inspiration--to the next level."

The multifaceted campaign will bring the Energizer Bunny to places he has never been before, enabling the famous rabbit to reach people where they work and live in such cities as New York, Los Angeles, Tampa, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix, Miami and Chicago. People in the Big Apple, for example, will see him as they enter and leave taxis, wait in bus shelters and make calls at public phones.

Another major component of the initiative--the Keep Going Hall of Fame--will be launched later in the year. It will include selections of individuals both celebrities and everyday folks--who demonstrate the unstoppable perseverance and dedication associated with Energizer and the Energizer Bunny.

During the first year of the program, several celebrities will be announced by Energizer as Hall of Fame inductees with one being named a "consumer's choice"--people can vote via the Internet. A similar nomination process will follow for non-celebrities who have extraordinary power, the company says. Program details will be announced in early January 2005.

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