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EnerFuel Obtains NOA From US Patent Office for FC Design.

Ener1, Inc. subsidiary EnerFuel, Inc. recently announced it has received a notice of allowance (NOA) from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a new patent for an integrated feedback control system that is designed to improve the safety, reliability and lifetime of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

According to EnerFuel, the integrated feedback control system is designed to allow PEM fuel cells to operate more efficiently under variable loads, such as those encountered during the braking and accelerating of a fuel cell vehicle, as well as prevent the fuel cell membrane from drying out.

EnerFuel said its control system design incorporates a self-regulating feedback mechanism that supplies hydrogen and air to the anode and cathode of the fuel cell stack by using a system of pressure regulators and pumps. The feedback system controls the flow of fuel and oxidant gases required to maintain and maximize the electrochemical reaction of the fuel cell stack under varying current loads.

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Publication:Fuel Cells Today
Date:Sep 19, 2005
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