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Endpoint: Chemdex and SciQuest Make Their Moves.

Since IBO's September 15 article on e-commerce, the competition and expansion of e-commerce businesses serving the analytical instruments industry continues to accelerate. The major players so far in the race for analytical instrument e- commerce purchases appear to be Chemdex and

In September, Chemdex acquired (see IBO 9/30/99), giving the company greater access to healthcare industry customers. The company also announced deals with Genome Therapeutic and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer to carry their products (see IBO 9/30/99). In October, Chemdex expanded its product line to include life science instruments and equipment as well as reagents and laboratory supplies. Companies participating in these agreements include Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Beckman Coulter, Forma Scientific and Robbins Scientific. In November, Chemdex introduced MarketLink, an e-commerce solution integrating third-party systems and enterprise resource planning for large companies, and announced a strategic alliance with IBM to develop scalable e- business applications. The company also announced LabPoint, the first joint product offering resulting from its strategic partnership in March with VWR Scientific Products. The announcements and alliances continue, most recently with Tenet Healthcare (see Executive Briefing page 2).

Although SciQuest has not been as prolific with its announcements, the company has taken major steps forward in recent months to advance its competitive position. In early November, SciQuest announced agreements to be the exclusive third-party provider of e-commerce services for a number of life science and analytical instrument suppliers, including PerkinElmer, Perbio Science and Qiagen. This was followed in late November with SciQuest's IPO (see IBO 11/30/99), which earned the company $120 million on its first day and raised the company's profile.
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Comment:Endpoint: Chemdex and SciQuest Make Their Moves.
Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
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Date:Dec 15, 1999
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