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Endless wire cuts costs.

Kverneland Group is a leading international developer, manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery and services. State-of-the-art automation ensures that productivity is very high. One recent development has been the upgrading of six robotic welding cells to use ESAB's endless wire, which has resulted in improved productivity and cost savings.

The six welding cells are now consuming ESAB FILARC PZ6105R 1.4 mm welding wire at a combined rate of 120 tonnes per year. Previously Kverneland was using ESAB's Marathon Pac bulk drums of welding wire, which contain far more wire than conventional spools, but the recently added 'endless' technology features a portable butt-welding device to join the end of one Marathon Pac drum to the start of the next so the robotic welding operation is never interrupted.

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Title Annotation:Process, Controls & Plant
Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:May 1, 2018
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