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Endless scummer.

SKATEBOARDING IS ABOUT THE ROAD. Not demos or tours, but hitting the highway with a few of your friends and making things happen. That's what we did. What started out as a few people for a few days ended up growing to a dozen or so of us in multiple vehicles following each other to the next skate spot or campsite. Get the ball rolling and see how it grows. What you see here was only a portion of our journey, cause this shit never ends.

Joe Hammeke


The vert ramp? No one likes vert anymore. They see it on TV. CBS, CNN, NBC, whatever. A bunch of jocks in the locker room. You guys suck.

I see it differently. It was never about filling the grandstands. It was about skating with a tight group (a gang), yelling for you to hang on. What happened? ESPN, you fucked it up.

We skated Aspen and it ripped. Then Keith Taylor told me about his vert ramp. Ten-foot trannys, two feet of vert, pool coping across one si1e. Backyard BBQ! No one wanted to go. "Not this shit again, Darren!" they said.

"Come on, it could be epic, I won't light it n fire, we got to go! So what if it's two hours out of the way. Let's go!" I offered to buy everyone steak dinners for the night.

"Yeah? Lets go! Free dinner! I'll take a Tbone. I'll have a Porterhouse. Get me a New Yorker!" is what they said. Shit, my big mouth--my wallet is gonna hate me. Grocery bill: $16.95 for six steaks. Whoa, close call.

There's your New Yorker, maybe it's a T-Bone, hey all look like chuck wagons to me. We eat ramp-side and fuck around. The ramp looks great, a 900 there, a pogo rock here, cool. Night falls and we sleep. Wake up ramp-side at 7:30am. Blazing heat, we skate it and it ruled. What else can I say? I loved it, Pete loved it, Chet loved it, the locals showed up to skate and the cows watched from the grandstands.

Why should I stop skating vert? Because some goons made it unbearable to watch? I don't watch it. I skate it. Fuck, I think for myself, motherfucker. I started on one of these and I'll finish on one - Darren Navarrette
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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