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Endless possibilities: create the perfect patio.

The possibilities are endless when you bring your personal style to outdoor spaces. In the spring, there's nothing better than an open and airy patio where you can relax over brunch. With the help of a Ford Freestyle for hauling the furniture and supplies you need, creating a backyard retreat is easy.


* Heavy furniture is ideal for the outdoors. Wrought iron is a long-lasting, durable, yet beautiful material. In addition to furniture stores, many home improvement stores have a wide variety of outdoor tables and chairs.



* Bring in elements such as a floral arrangement or a water feature for added interest. Your Ford Freestyle gives you the ability to fold all but the driver's seat flat to accommodate cargo such as a fountain.

* Decorate your outdoor space with unusual iron sculpture, tall candlesticks or a variety of potted plants. Plants in containers are easy to care for and can be moved around to suit your needs.

* A quick shopping trip will provide everything you need to enhance your patio. Even with a Ford Freestyle full of passengers, you'll still have plenty of room. This vehicle has everything you love about a car, but the space you need in an SUV.
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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