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This is the end, the final straw A collision, a breakdown, an imperfect flaw Closing windows, shutting doors Books unopened, unfinished chores A candle burnt out, a flame blown away An impurity, a weakness, a failing you might say This is the end, the last line in a song A collapsing, a fault, a chapter gone wrong Waving goodbye, turning out lights Misquoted sentences, unsettled fights A misinterpretation, an unanswered question A corruption, a disease, a lying confession This is the end, a downward slope A crushing, a killing, a smashing of hope Changing a tune, filling up holes Sounding the gong, selling souls Ending a poem, leaving a party A smudging, a spoiling, a story unstarted This is the end, I can't explain really Why ending is painful and beginning is scary
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Author:Munro, Kelly
Publication:Contemporary Review
Date:Aug 1, 1992
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