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End school division; Letters..

I WAS born in the east end of Glasgow and have the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail delivered to my home in Essex, where I have lived since 1961.

May I commend you on your views on sectarianism both in sport and in everyday life.

I am now 92 and in my youth, most of my mates were Rangers or Celtic fans. I was a Clyde supporter. Most of us abhorred sectarianism, which was just as bad then as it is now.

We felt why should it be like this? Why can't we all be together? Sectarianism will not be eradicated in months or years. It will take generations before it will be possible.

When will someone in government be strong and courageous enough to stand up and say, "Religion is for the individual, his or her church and God"? There should be no Protestant schools, no Catholic schools, only centres of learning for all.

As young people, when we expressed those views and opinions, we were usually shouted down by the traditionalists and hardliners on both sides of the fence.

Bob Johnston, Basildon, Essex

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Sep 11, 2019
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